No box area to upload photos!

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    Okay, I hope I don’t use the word “thingy” too much in this post. (: Here’s the issue…

    I want to upload photos in my post, and the box area next to where it says “file” isn’t showing up. I can’t search for my photos or ANYTHING. I tried pressing control & F5, to no avail.

    I need help…



    what browser and version are you using?

    Are you sure that you have javascript support turned on?

    Are you sure you’re at the right forum? (This forum is for blogs hosted here at if you’re hosted elsewhere, you need to be over at The reason why I ask is because you don’t have a blog linked to your username and that’s usually a sign of that.)



    Sorry, I should have provided a link to my blog. It’s Yes, it is a blog.

    I’m using my browser through AOL. I also tried doing this at work, and it also did not work.

    How would I turn on Javascript support? I’ve been able to upload photos before now. Does AOL not like you guys or something. (:



    I’m having the same problem. do you have a mac or a pc?

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