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no bullets but numbers in chaoticsoul widget for categories

  1. well, here's another css question from me. i just hope i can describe the problem good enough, since english is still hard for me.

    i'm customizing my two blogs with the chaoticsoul theme and ran now into a problem which i can't solve by myself. the category widget should show bullets in front of each sub-category and does so as long as i just add some lines of code with the option "Add this to the ChaoticSoul theme's CSS stylesheet". but since i plan to change all colors and what not i downloaded the original css-file and chose the option "Start from scratch and just use this ". ok, fine, everything's like i want it to be, but instead just bullets i get a bullet with the number 20 in front of the sub-categories. i checked the code several times and found to my surprise, that during the upload the code's changed! i enter this:

    #sidebar ul ul li:before { content: "\2022 \20"; }

    and after the upload it shows that:

    #sidebar ul ul li:before { content:"\2022 20"; }

    so the slash's missing, and i can't find a way to upload the correct code :( i could live without the bullets if there's a way to make the widget look good in firefox AND internet explorer. as last time, any help is highly appreciated!

    oh, i nearly forgot it - here's the url to my test blog:

    thanks in advance to every helping hand :))

  2. Is the number 1 in front of the top category something you wrote there?
    If not, this is basically an "unordered list" - ul - (=bullets) gone "ordered list" - ol - (=numbered).

  3. i wrote that number, so the categories (there's more to come) are not in alphabetical order. but that number is ok - the "20" between the bullet and the text on the sub-category is the problem!

  4. and i just see now that in internet explorer there's no "20", but also no bullet at all and no space between the text and the border. click my name to see how it's supposed to look, please.

  5. before I had had a look at the code, I am guessing it is the content:"\2022 20"; - can you not comment it out or remove it to see what happens?
    I'll have a closer look at your code in a bit.

  6. i tried to remove it, but that completely clutters the layout :( i think the problem's the wordpress software who's "eating" the slash during the upload process. that slash is in the original css-file, and if i download the page with "scrapbook" it's also in the code. as soon as i upload it to wordpress, it's gone. strange.

  7. hm.. mysterious - I checked, and loaded the theme to my own blog without getting any wiser. I am stomped, basically.
    The only thing I see in your source code is a "child" notification on the second link in your blogroll. I am clean out of good ideas, unless you start over - delete the widget, add again, make some unnumbered links and do it step by step and see where it goes wrong...but maybe you have done this already?

  8. yup, i changed the code piece by piece, with and without widget - always the same effect. and always just when i use the "start from scratch" option (which i have to use since i will change a lot). seems i have to mail support about it.

    but thanks a lot for your efforts and support! :))

  9. just in case someone's interested: had to forget to start from scratch and put code snippets "over" the standard css. that's the only way to avoid this problem.

    so it's not really 100% resolved, but it's good enough for now.

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