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No Categories?

  1. For some reason all my categories vanished on the Categories list on the sidebar. but they still exist on the posts, and can still sort by going into the permalink and clicking the category. nothing i do seems to bring back the category list on the sidebar.

  2. Please see the big red sticky.

  3. i see it. just didnt see anyone listing the same problem as me in there, so i guess i was wrong posting a new topic... sorry. should i post this in that thread instead?

  4. I'm noticing the same problem as well - and I thought it was a problem with my theme! :-D

  5. I thought the upgrade was yesterday? I had no problems with my categories until about 5 minutes ago when they all disappeared. I am sure you are working on it but I must admit I am a bit worried.

  6. Please read the first post in the thread I pointed you at.

    And then read it again. :)

    If you notice anything strange today, just hang on in there. We're doing a major upgrade.
    If you don't see your posts, go into your Dashboard, visit the Manage page and click around the menu items for a minute. Then go grab a cup of tea, coffee or your favourite beverage and your site will be ok again when you return.

    A friendly reminder that your sites are backedup just in case as well.


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