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no categories - only tags

  1. Hi everybody,

    I need some help about categories and tags. I already read a lot of posts, threads and articles but i can't find a solution for my blog. I understood what categories and tags mean in, but I don't need this. I don't care about visitors, indexing and so on, my blog is an autistic one. I moved from splinder platform and convert all categories to tags, after importing the xml file. I'd just like to have tags as post labels, but i can't rid out (through dashboard) of published in <name_category> under my posts. Maybe I can manually edit the style sheet, but are there any alternative ways to remove categories?

    Thanks for your attention.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You can use a theme that has an option not to display tags and/or categories, but there are only a couple of them. You can also learn CSS editing, buy the CSS upgrade, and edit the CSS to hide them.

  3. Thanks for your (really fast :-D) reply.
    So are there no alternatives? I already know something about CSS editing and I saw the Custom Design section in the dashboard, but now I have no time for a fine tuning of my blog style. I just moved and want a quick customing. You mentioned a couple of themes with a display categories/tags option: can you show them or explain how can I find them?
    Thanks for you patience :)

  4. If you go to your Dashboard->Appearance->Themes you can scroll through and even filter the search for certain qualities like Customize Appearance etc. I'm afraid I can't remember the names of the themes that hide tags etc, but there are at least two of them. One starts with the letter A, if that helps.

  5. @manuelitocalavera

    You mentioned a couple of themes with a display categories/tags option: can you show them or explain how can I find them?

    Off the top of my head the INove theme has the option to suppress display of Categories and Tags under > Appearance > Theme Options.
    Posts __Show author on posts. __Show categories on posts. __Show tags on posts.

  6. The other one is Monochrome (allows hiding tags only).

  7. I forgot again and there are only two (hanging head in shame - face red ).

  8. And I got my vowels mixed up. Thanks, guys!

  9. Thank you raincoaster, timethief and panaghlotisadam. I look at the mentioned themes, but i don't like it. I need somthing similar to twentieleven (or ten) template as a starting point because it's similar to my old one. So I decided on Altervista, where I can install WordPress and I can make my tests with css and php for free (good chance for improve my skills).
    Thank you again for your kind attention.

  10. @manuelitocalavera
    Best wishes with your new site.

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