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    When I create a popbox using the plug-in “PopBox for Elementor,” there is no “X” close button visible to close the page. Clicking anywhere on the page does result in its closing, but I’d like the “X” to be present for there to be a positive user experience. I sent this issue to Elementor support, not realizing that they did not develop this plug-in, and they referred me to the developer of the plug-in. When I Googled support for “Popbox for Elementor,” WordPress came up. So, that’s why I’m requesting support from you. I hope you can help.

    Bob S.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there,

    Your website is using the open-source software, you need to seek assistance from their forums which can be found at:

    These forums are for hosted websites. If you want to know the difference between the two, you can find more information in this document:

    Best regards


    Hi gracema2002 –

    Thanks for helping us out here :) One tip is to also include the plugin forum link for users when they ask about a specific plugin.



    Thank you both. I have reposted my question/issue in the website.


    Thanks Bob. I’ll close this thread.

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