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    Hi guys,

    Love the CSS module with the Chunk theme. Just one thing: How can I keep the blog posts as is, with two column, but change static pages so that there are no 2 columns, just one big text field?


    The blog I need help with is



    Please post an active link staring with http:// to the blog in question, as the one linked to your username is not wearing the Chunk theme; it’s wearing Piano Black.


    I looked at the demo site as an example:

    You could adjust just the width of the #contents area for pages if you start with a very specific CSS path like this one:

    html div#container div#contents

    Is this a good start, or do you need more specifics?


    Thanks guys! The blog is:

    The news page is slick, but the static pages look weird with the column thing… I’ll check out designsimply’s advice :)


    Hey thanks again designsimply! I got the column to disappear on the static pages. Now the only thing that’s left is to make it so the content area fills the whole screen, so 780px instead of 580px.

    The code right now is:

    html div#container div#contents {
    border-left:1px solid #ccc;

    Adding ‘width:780px’ does not do the trick…


    Ah, the width is set in another, more specific element. Try adding this to change the width for just page content in the Chunk theme:

    html div#container div#contents div#post div.main {
        width: 780px;

    Designsimply, you the best! thanks a bunch :)


    Cheers! :)

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