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No comment bubble icon in the notification indicator

  1. I received a "Your stats are booming"-notification for the first time. The funny thing is, at the same time no comment bubble icon was displayed. It was basically only an orange square up in the blue bar on

    I've absolutely no idea if these two incidents are linked together but I thought I'll report it. I've checked the CSS code and found the section to be empty.

    body.logged-in .wpcom-header #wp-admin-bar-notes .wpn-unread .noticon {


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hello Martin(IQ),

    Thanks for reporting this. If this happens again can you take a screenshot so we can get a better look.

    Thank :)

  3. Well, it was very unspectacular. Just an orange square (indicating a new notification) without a comment bubble icon. That's why I didn't make a screenshot. If you visit when logged in, received a new notification and would basically remove the bubble icon, you would get the result I saw.

    It hasn't happend again.

  4. Hello Martin,

    The more I think about it I think it may have been a browser problem. We use a custom font to display the icons. Although support for this is getting a lot better we sometimes see problems with certain browsers not recognizing the font.

    It was likely just a one time problem however, you may think about clearing your cache. As mentioned before a screenshot for our developers would also be great!

    Thanks :)

  5. I doubt that. It was my first thought as well, but the other icons from 'noticons.css' were displayed without problems. Like the pencil icon beside "New Post" or the "+" icons in the "Follow Recommendations".

    Here's a screenshot of how it looked like: notification_bug.png

    I manually deleted the comment bubble. Just to be clear that it didn't happen again. I assume this might only happen in special cases but maybe it's because of the empty CSS section I mentioned above.

    The notification ("Your stats are booming") was using my blavatar. As I haven't seen it very often, this might be a very rare form of notification and a way to reproduce the error. Can you send a "Your stats are booming"-notification manually for testing purposes?

  6. Thanks for resending the "Your stats are booming" notification. Indeed, the comment bubble isn't displayed in this scenario. I was able to make a screenshot this time.


    The green arrows point to 'noticons' icons which we're displayed although the comment bubble wasn't. The window at the bottom is part of the Firebug addon and shows the empty CSS section which I think is responsible for the comment bubble not appearing.

    Upon further testing I also found out that the comment bubble doesn't even appear in the admin bar with this type of notification, when visiting the Dashboard of one of your blogs. Made a screenshot as well.


  7. Hello Martin,

    Thanks for more details. I am looking into this and well get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks for the report :)

  8. Hi Martin,

    Just a follow up, our developers have found and resolved this problem. You'll now see an icon for "Your Stats are Booming". Thanks for working with us on this :)

  9. Glad I could help. :)

    I'm curious. Was it because of the empty CSS code section I mentioned?

  10. Martin,

    It actually wasn't. It was due to a missing css class.

    Thanks again!

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