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no comment feature on post

  1. audiobookreview

    "allow comments" checked on options?

    Something I can do? New to WordPress a few days now. Please advise, thanks so much, Ev

  2. "No comments" means no one has left a comment yet. (Actually, that is exactly what it says after the "No Comments" appears.) Right below those 2 lines is "Leave a comment"

  3. audiobookreview

    Oh, I see. It's in the tag section. I thought there would be a box so someone could leave a comment like on a page (I just set up a page to see what it does). So, in other words a person would have to see that little "no comment" within the tags? I just checked the post and there is no box "Leave a comment". Thanks for your reply, Ev

  4. It's the meta section, not the tag section (note that the category is in that group, too).

    The box is there. Not sure why you're not seeing it. Do you see the "Leave a comment" line? Under the box is the submit button.

    If you don't see it, you may need to clear your cache.

  5. audiobookreview

    No, I don't see the box? I went to another browser and put in my page, no comment box? A very weird thing happened---I clicked the "no comment" in the tag area, left a comment to my own page and it took me to


    next I will figure out how to clear my cache......haven't done this in a long time. This is a new computer so I didn't feel I needed to do this yet.

  6. audiobookreview

    Ok, I think I get it...the reason I got the other website is because I click within the tag area and it pinged to another post of the same topic....really new at Well, I just learned something that I was not looking to learn but good because it gave me more understanding. Quite an adventure this blogging is, feel a bit foolish.

    Still, not seeing the "leave comment" box though.

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