“No Comments” Maybe Confusing to a Reader?

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    Is there anyway to change the title of the “comments” link from “No Comments” to simply “Comments.” My line of thinking is that many readers may be deterred from making comments thinking that “No Comments” means they are not allowed. Suggestions Anyone?



    Just my opinion, but I wouldn’t assume “No Comments” meant anything other than “there are no comments yet”. When comments aren’t allowed, they generally aren’t mentioned at all. That’s just general netiquette.

    You MIGHT be able to change that with the CSS upgrade, but not without it for sure.


    I would realize that “No Comments” meant that there aren’t any posted but for someone new to the blogsphere? I don’t know. I think the audience I try to reach might not click on the link thinking that “no comments” means they’re not allowed. Advice is always welcome and educational.



    If you don’t have the CSS upgrade, you could always seed the post with a comment. If you forgot something you meant to say, you could put it in there rather than editing the post, for instance.


    Good Idea. The ultimate goal is the CSS upgrade. Until then I will follow your advice

    Thanks raincoaster.



    You’d have to modify the underlying theme files actually to change that statement.

    Different theme designers do it different ways. I have seen “No comments yet” on a few themes but I’d be hard pressed to tell you which ones.

    But I’ve also seen “No comments” as teh statement when comments have been turned off so I understand where you’re coming from.



    did anyone figure out how to do this with CSS customization? thanks

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