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    There are many who would rather not have comments left on the blog. Time thief you cant define a blog vs a web site by whether or not people leave comments or not…thats ridiculous in fact the definition of a blog is timeless, and morphs as per its author. If wordpress doesn’t allow me to disable comments because they want me to upgrade i will return to BLOGGER where I can blog and have full control of the presentation.

    Sounds from time thief that wordpress is defining their own system of doing things but this is not an industry standard or other blog hosts would be in alignment.

    Different platform have diff options


    I want a theme that allows me to disable comments
    does this does this or does this not exist here on wordpress…???????????????

    I dont want some member’s 101 on their personal opinion about blogging dos and dont….

    where and how can i disable comments without a leave a comment thread showing on my blog?????????



    SIMPLE – You can turn comments off on any Post –



    To add to what auxclass said, the following article explains in detail how to disable comments:



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    I posted this on one of the duplicates by mistake.

    Comment settings are at settings > discussion. When you disable comments there, it will affect all posts or pages after that point, not previous pages or posts. To disable comments on existing pages or posts use the bulk edit functions in the page or post listing pages in the dashboard.

    Also make sure and disable trackbacks and pingbacks at settings > discussion. They are comments too, and as long as they are active, there is a possiblity of them showing up if someone tracksback to a post.

    In some themes (I haven’t tried them all) doing the above will cause the comments/no comments links to disappear from the posts and pages.

    Give that a try and see what you get.

    Blogger can offer a editing of CSS and such because they have a sugar daddy, Google. Google tosses blogger into a corner of their world-wide search engine/adsense datacenter networks and it doesn’t even make a tiny blip in their monthly costs. WordPress does not have a sugar daddy. All servers, all datacenters, all bandwidth they have to pay for.

    If the above doesn’t work, then go back to blogger.


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    @fellow volunteers,
    I try to keep on top of deleting the duplicates, but not being online constantly, some slip by for hours…. :-(

    Just as thesacredpath and airodyssey noted:
    Some themes handle “comments off” better than others (ie, not showing “comments off” but just leaving a blank, thus looking more business-like as a web site.



    And, of course, part of the definition of a blog includes comments. That’s standard in the industry. A blog that does not have comments enabled is a blog that is in a very real sense malformed. Universities teach this definition. If you have emotional issues with the definition of a blog, I’m afraid we cannot help you with those.

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