No Custom Design Upgrade = Disappearance of old Typekit fonts?

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    Hi, just like the title said, my custom design ended not long ago and a week ago, I came on to check on my website, the fonts disappeared since one week ago until now. So my question is that if I don’t have the custom design anymore
    (I remembered I used standard mode, the typekit css and id are all inside), will my fonts still able to be seen in my website?

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi. If I understand this correctly…
    …free TypeKit service on is discontinued, except for people who had it already.

    If you switched to the Custom Design Upgrade, perhaps you cannot go back to the free TypeKit service. I tagged this thread so that staff takes a look and responds.


    I been having it before the custom design upgrade as introduced, my css design that i bought had become custom design, I had always been using the free typekit service and had not done anything to it, so there is no reason why would it just disappear =/



    Help! I’ve been trying to use Custom Design to increase font size. On the Custom Design page, it says I did, but the blog pages always revert to the smaller original size.
    What am I doing wrong or not doing right? Must I do something with CSS also?


    Waited for a few days now, the same old fonts :(, need the staffs to check what is going on in my website if possible >.<



    Please contact us via about this.

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