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    New user here. Created an account but no dashboard appears. The help system states, “If you don’t see a My Dashboard link, then you have probably created a username-only account, and you can go to again to add a blog to your account.”

    This is bizarre! What the *&%^^ does that even mean?? I created an account just like I was instructed to do and now the system is asking again for a userID and password, saying that “someone” already has my username! Why – that just might be me!!

    What am I missing here?

    The blog I need help with is



    When you logged in and went to your site, was there a black bar at the top of the screen? If so, put your mouse over the words my blog and then click dashboard.


    Is this the blog you are talking about, ?

    If so, then go to that blog and in the sidebar under “meta” click on “site admin” (while logged in) and it will take you to the dashboard for that blog. The following link will get you there as well.



    Honestly, I didn’t see any black bar. I have created close to a dozen blogs on Blogger and the dashboard access is quite similar. NOW, I see it – but it wasn’t available before. Got my first answer in about an hour. Not bad! Thank you!


    Actually it isn’t black, it is a dark grey color and says,

    My Account — My Blog — Blog Info — Subscribe

    It is the grey bar you see at the top of the forum pages. Whenever you are logged in and on any page (blog or otherwise) that admin bar will be displayed.

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