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    Im new to this so maybe Im just not looking at the right spot but everytime I log in the blue bar at the top just says “My Account” – “Claim Your Blog” – “ Blog” – “Press This” and “Blog Info” so I am not seeing where the “Manage” button is so I can import everything from my Blogger and then change the theme to my WordPress blog. Can anyone give me some step by step of finding this “Manage” button and so on so I can begin using WordPress. Thanks so much.



    Are you sure when you signed up, you got a blog? If you’re seeing “Claim Your Blog”, chances are you don’t have one yet. When you signed up for an account here, did you chose the “user account only” option or the “Gimma a blog” option?

    When you log into, take a look at the home page at You’ll have a list of blogs that you have backend access to in the upper right of your screen underneath where it says “Features Support Story”

    If you don’t have a blog yet, you can claim one with you follow the “Claim your blog” link that you mention.

    When you do have a blog, there will be an option in that bluebar along the top that says “My Dashboards” that will take you to your admin side of your blog.

    Hope this helps,



    hey drmike,

    I signed up my buddy with just the “user account only” option, but then he claimed his blog and even tried to create a new one, but can’t access the dashboard to either of those.

    Any thoughts?


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