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No data received?

  1. timflanaganauthor

    For the past two days, when I try and go into my blog, i keep getting the message No Data Received. I had a brief gap yesturday afternoon when I managed to get in and write and edit some posts, but not been able to access the dashboard all day today. Anyone know whats going on? Are wordpress making some changes?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I have been experiencing the same problem for the last two days also. Haven't had a decent answer from support yet.
    Interestingly it is only happening with the blog I pay for and not my free one.
    I keep getting this message :Unable to load the web page because the server sent no data.
    I am in the UK.

  3. are you with Talk Talk? If so see previous thread on this topic. apparently it may be a provider issue

    Ali B

  4. timflanaganauthor

    thanks Kusumavarsa - sounds like the same problem.
    debutnovelist - thanks also, will check out that thread. I am with talk talk, but no broadband problem - can access other sites fine.

  5. Same problem here but I'm not with Talk Talk. I'm in the UK, but I use AOL.

  6. Then talk to AOL.

  7. I'm not convinced it's an ISP issue, to be honest. I still think it's WordPress.

  8. You can also follow this forum sticky post for the latest major updates:

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