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No disrepect to the poster

  1. after all, they didn't know they were going to be freshly pressed, but really?

    March Madness

    I recognize it's topical, but did they even read this before FP'ing it? I think the number of likes considering how long it's been up tells us what the community thinks.

    It's comes across not as 'best of', but sloppy, random selection. This isn't a 'oh boo-boo I've not been FP'd', but come on, bit of effort please.

    Maybe I should post an 'International Woman's Day' post just for fun.. then again, no.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. caringcourtney

    ??? What is this about?? Who posted what? I am clueless as to the meaning of this post.


  3. Sorry you're confused. They (WP) post the a 'best of' list of posts to showcase WordPress, and this was one of the small number of picks, and it's been there for ages. It's a real boost to good bloggers who deserve it. I'm just pointing out that this was an odd choice to be nice, a sloppy, quick, random choice simply because it was topical at worst.

  4. Oh, and FP is the Fressly Pressed tab.

  5. One month old blog got FP. Very lucky.

  6. It shouldn't be lucky though should it. Ok, to be picked out of 400k bloggers you have to be lucky to a point, but at the very least it should be something that comes close to nearing quality. It's a disservice to WP itself, but to the bloggers who put time and effort to produce a polished and interesting post. This gets my goat because it screams out 'oh great, that's topical, lets pick that one'.

  7. I had a look thinking it was to do with spring and nature etc. I soon clicked out again when I saw it was sport related. Yawn! :)

  8. jessie, why does you username not link to a blog? I know you've mentioned having one before.

  9. It's because it has some adult content. Not porn I hasten to add. Lol.

    Defying Leviticus if you want to have a butchers. :)

  10. I just typed in your address and looked earlier. If there's no porn how is it adult content?

  11. I think my off-topic post just went wildly off-topic.

  12. It just got awkward in here.

  13. @theuglymoose,
    It's gay themed stories and some erotica images. No full frontal just tasteful M/M photos and stories.

  14. @caringcourtney Yeah, but there comes a time when people dont want to see all of that personal information.

  15. so anyway, glad I made my point across.. :)

    @jesse, gotcha, that makes sense then.

  16. And that takes care of the Daily Overshare.

  17. @theuglymoose
    This Off-Topic Forum provided for bloggers -- oops! it doesn't have a blog

  18. So what is going on here. I give 'someone' a link for signing up with WP, so does someone else. And still no blog. Hmm!

  19. A troll, methinks…
    who will be spammed

  20. @1tess

    I think you may be right. I thought trolls were supposed to be more clever, though?

  21. @ I don't know, I honestly don't know;
    but I've decided what I have to do,

  22. @jessielansdel
    we will see.

    don't know about that. maybe scary?
    I suppose it depends on the book, poem, story, picture, or some such place.
    Mostly though somewhere just in sad need.

    At any rate, this topic has moved so far from the original post, it is best to close it now.

    If all you all want to start it again, fresh, about the freshly pressed selections, feel free.

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