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No doubt a newbie question .... but

  1. in fact several in one post.

    1. I want a 'page' to be redirected to a URL on my domain. How do I or even can I do this?
    So the page link says "Page1" and I click it and I want it to go to http://www.domain.blah\whatever

    2. In the user registration section what functionality do I need to be able to send registration emails? Do I need smtp support or can I use a 3rd party (if so any sugegstions?)?

    3. Oh yes - currently I'm doing all my setup off line using xammp -
    a. what things do I need to copy (theme / plugins a given) to my online version?
    b. xammp uses no security, so what other caveats should I be aware of?

    I think that's it for now :)


  2. Some of your questions lead me to believe you might be self-hosted using the software downloaded from Are you? If not, please give us a link to your blog.

    If you are self-hosted, you need to inquire over at as we run different software here and will not have the answers to your questions.

    7 Things to Know Before Posting in Forums or The difference."

  3. Ah - my mistake. I came to .com and not the .org.

    Moving along quietly. :)

  4. Not a problem, and happy blogging.

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