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No Email

  1. Does anyone know why I am not receiving my email from WordPress?

    I'm not getting any comments notification and no email of the posts I write. I have checked the little box to get them. I've checked my junk box too.


  2. So you went to:

    Dashboard > Options > Discussion

    Click Anyone posts a comment and then click the Update Options button?

  3. @bonlou
    You have said above:

    "I'm not getting any comments notification and no email of the posts I write."

    This is not a feature. We don't get copies of what we post on our blogs emailed to us. Only if we have chosen to moderate comments (see nosy's comment above) then we get emails that notify us of each comment to be moderated and that's it as far as the email service goes.

  4. You know, the I write flew right over my head. I thought she was talking about comments. I'll leave now.

  5. @nosy
    YAY! You answered the first half. If you hadn't I probably wouldn't have noticed the second half.

  6. @bonlou: you can use to get emails of your blog posts (I do that as one method of backing up my posts).

    When FeedBlitz asks for your RSS feed, use

  7. Thanks for your time and replys.

    I will check out things again.
    I downloaded FeedReader and now I can get copies of my posts and also comments. I think this will work fine.

    Thanks for your imput.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

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