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No email confirmation received

  1. Trying to delete my blog but no e-mail confirmation received. Can you please help?
    Why cant i just delete my WP account? I only need one actually.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hello,
    Please check your email client spam/junk mail filter. This thread is flagged for Staff assistance.

  3. P.S. What is the URL of the blog you want to delete please?

  4. I can delete for you, but please note that neither the blog nor its name can ever be used again.

    Would you like me to proceed?

  5. Thanks for your reactions.. sorry for the late reply. This is a blog I want to delete. I have no intention using its name with this account.

    Can I just delete this WP account as well? I only need one WP account actually.

  6. I have deleted the blog as requested. accounts are permanent. More info here:

    If you are trying to unsubscribe from emails sent to you from, go to Email Delivery Settings and click on "Block Emails":!/read/subsettings/

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