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    According to WP, my connection with Google Apps is fine. I can send emails, but I haven’t received any since mapping my domain a little over a week ago. I’m thinking it’s something my original domain registrant has in their records, but I don’t know what. I confirmed with them that the MX records are correct, but maybe there’s something left over from my previous host, like an A-record or CNAME or something else I don’t actually understand (heh).

    Can anyone tell me exactly what records they should have so I can simply tell them to copy/paste them?

    I contacted Support a few days ago and still haven’t heard back. I’ve also not received any responses to my Forum posts. Without help from WP or Google, I’m at a loss and getting very anxious about my week+ of missed emails.


    The blog I need help with is



    I have flagged this thread for Staff attention.


    Still no email and still no response from Support. I’ve transferred my domain to a new registrar to rule out the possibility that my horrible old registrar might be the problem. Obviously, the problem is either on WP’s end or on Google’s end. As it is impossible to contact either company, I am flummoxed. Can anyone help me?Now deciding how long to give it before I jump ship! (Which I’d hate to do, as I love WordPress…)


    Don’t worry, everybody who’s not reading this! I fixed it myself. I ran this thing:
    over and over and, without actually changing any mx records, it finally just said everything was fine and voila. Email.



    Thank you so much for sharing how you resolved this so others can benefit from that knowledge.

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