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no email notification for new posts

  1. Hello,

    We do not receive email notification for new posts.
    However, we receive email notifications about pingbacks and new subscriptions.

    We had the same problem 15-20 days ago.
    We contacted you, and you solved the problem.
    Could you solve this again ?

    Best Regards
    Blog url:

  2. Can you check to make sure that they aren't in your spam or junk folder? Have any other subscribers reported trouble?

  3. Yes, I have checked.There is nothing in spam and junk folder.
    No other subscriber has problem.
    Just [email redacted].
    I had the same problem 15-20 days ago.
    A technician of WordPress solved it.
    Best Regards

  4. One more quick question, and then we can take a closer look for you :)

    Can you go login to your WordPress account and go to your "Blogs I Follow" page? Here, click on "Manage Delivery Settings" to make sure that you haven't blocked emails from

    If emails from are enabled, please let me know!

  5. This was the problem !
    It is strange because I haven't deleted this entry.
    Anyway, thanks a lot !

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