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    We put out a post at 7:40 this morning and no one received email notification of the new post, as usually happens



    Hi there,

    I’m sorry you’re having trouble with the email notifications for your blog. I have reported the issue to our team, and I’ll let you know as soon as I have more details. If you have any other questions in the meantime, please let me know!


    we have not heard back from you



    Hi there,

    Our team is still trying to figure out why the email notifications did not go out for your previous blog post. However, they seem to be working again — our records indicate that an email notification was sent out for the post you published yesterday. We will continue looking into it, but please let us know if you continue to have trouble receiving email notifications for your new posts.


    people are still saying they are not receiving notifications, have you any suggestions?



    @morecaucusnyc can you please send us an email with the URL of a specific blog post and the email addresses of people who did not receive an email notification, so that we may look into it further for you?

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