No escape from galleries?

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    Hi there,
    I’ve just noticed that with gallery carousels there seems to be no way of clicking out of them when using Firefox. Hitting the back button on the browser does not work.

    The small ‘x’ in the top left corner still appears when using Chrome, however.

    Is this a browser specific issue or one that needs to be fixed by WordPress?

    Many thanks for your help,

    With best wishes,

    The blog I need help with is



    That’s why I don’t click into them.



    P.S. My way out when in a gallery like this one is to remove the “2012/11/18/london-in-monochrome/#jp-carousel-2963” from the upper brower bar URL and click.


    Yes, that certainly works but is more involved than the handy and intuitive little cross.

    I prepare posts in Firefox due to a glitch in Chrome (a whole other issue) and am sure it existed there too.

    Just checked on the dreaded IE and it’s still there also…



    Hi Mike,
    I tagged this thread for Staff attention because I agree with you. I think an escape “X” link is needed too.


    That’s a very good idea. The cross is not really prominent enough.

    Thanks Timethief, I appreciate your help.


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    The “x” used to be there! But it was not prominent and its meaning was obscure. Why not just use the esc key on your keyboard? That works…

    edit to add that when they fix it the escape option will be more obvious…


    It’s disappeared on Firefox but still exists on IE and Chrome, such that it is.

    Yes, the esc button does what it says on the tin! So obvious that I didn’t think of it. I think if you click into something the intuition is to be able to click out…



    Use the escape key – brilliant! lol :D



    Hi there,

    You should be able to just click in the black space around the photo (make sure your mouse is a pointer and not a little hand – which will advance the image). I agree that it would be nice to see an “x” in a corner somewhere, though – I’ll make the suggestion to the team.


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