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    How am I supposed to know why my comments to an article/ blog are not accepted? I do not use profanity, ad hominem remarks, nor make any attempt to lie or mislead. What gives?


    Hi galiluigi, Many blogs make their comment settings to require Admin Approval, because they’re concerned about getting a lot of spam comments. Unfortunately, not all blog owners are overly timely in checking and approving their blog comments, whereas others are. So it could be timing issue.

    Another reason I have seen blog owners not approve comments is if you filled out the website field, some don’t want to allow people to provide link backs like that in their comments.

    But ultimately, it’s up to the site owner whether or not they want to approve any given comment or not.

    You could look for a means of contacting the blog owner through their website (perhaps a form or email) and ask them if they’ve had chance to review your comment. If you do reach out to them, be sure to be courteous, they’re not necessarily slighting you. But also provide them with the article link that you were trying to leave a comment on.

    Good luck, I hope it works out for you! :-)


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