“no-font-changes” RANT! grrrrr

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    I stand in absolute awe at this. I got incredibly happy to move all my blogging to WordPress from ugly Blogger. I imported everything from it and started to customize.
    I was very happy with everything, it’s just so much more professional in all aspects.
    Until sadly I got to learn that it is not possible to change the font size of the posts???? what the hell is this about???
    I love the template I chose, ChaoticSoul. It’s beautifully designed, but none of my family above 45 will ever be able to read that ridiculously small font. And what? I cannot make it bigger?

    I SEARCHED the forums and found:

    1) PAY ! — mmm nope. it should be free of charge like the huge Blogger
    2) ADD CODE INDIVIDUALLY — mmm what? even though I can figure out how to do it, no way. Why making it such a pain in the ass??? 99% of the computers and browsers in the world take the most common sizes and fonts
    3) CHANGE TEMPLATE — why? the one I chose is the nice design I look for. Why would I have to change to an ugly design? In that case I stay in Blogger and don’t bother.

    Enough. What I’m trying to say is… what the hell is wordpress thinking when not allowing to change fonts? Just a few with the most common sizes.
    Blogger has that and and they work in even the shi***est computer in the world with the oldest IE.

    I’m sad to say that now I have to stick to it unless you guys get some sense. Because there, I can make a blog that even my 87 years-old grandma can read…..


    The blog I need help with is viajerosolitario.wordpress.com.


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    Even old browsers have the function to zoom in and thus make the type larger.

    (It’s just my opinion, being older than 45, that white text on a black background is difficult to read. Also, moving from a dark screen to a light screen hurts my eyes, sort of like a camera flash. Just my opinion.)

    BYW, the people who answer questions here are volunteers, your fellow bloggers, and as such we have no say in the mechanics of wp.com.


    First, as Tess says, all browsers have a zoom-in function: command + in Macs, control + in PCs.

    Second, displayed size depends on screen resolution (and that varies, you know).

    So your “rant” is unjustified: changing the font size is only useful for differentiating some text (for instance a heading) within a post, not for improving the overall readability of your blog.




    The reason WordPress does this is that our blogs have shared “guts” and if you were allowed to just change the font for your own blog you would change it for everyone else using that theme. This is how WordPress.com works. You can find this out with a search for “customization” or similar terms very easily. You want to be taken “off the network” then you need to pay.



    <span style=”font-size: 120%;”>text for above 45 eyes</span>
    in HTML editor.
    Any percentage is allowed, I think. 120% is an example.


    @ludusnaturae: “span” for words or phrases within a paragraph, “div” for sections or complete posts. But the OP won’t have that – see no.2 in his rant…


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    You would not want to use span for your whole post. div will work, but as Panos said, it is not necessary: let your readers know how to zoom in on text.

    <div style="font-size:120%;line-height:1.2em;">

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    Below is the link to the support documentation entry for changing font style and color post by post and page by page. It only takes a few extra minutes to change to the HTML editor and provide thee required code. http://en.support.wordpress.com/editors/font-size-color/

    I am visually challenged and on my PC I simply click ctrl + and resize the text on posts when I read them on the blog. However, blogs I choose to read regularly are ones I subscribe to so I get the posts on white backgrounds with black font via email. This is a good thing because blogs with black backgrounds and low contrast fonts are very difficult to read. (BTW this ChaoticSoul theme you use is one of the least readable ones I have ever experienced.)





    Thank you for your suggestions. I´m just a beginner in HTML, and I like to customize posts and pages as possible in WordPress.com. Greetings!


    I solved the problem using microsoft live writer download free. Allows you to change fonts and sizes and automatically uploads to your wordpress blog. Works well for me. I dont wont to become a html coder and live writer does it for me. Paddy



    it’d be great if you guys had at least read the full post/rant. Some of you have answered to things I haven’t even questioned or that I already knew.

    Getting advice on HTML code was completely unnecessary since I had already done my research and found out how and I stated why i didnt’ agree with that as a “solution”

    Also, I’m not even talking about changing the fonts of the structure of the blog template itself as some of you who haven’t read my full post have suggested. I was just talking about being able to post in bigger fonts, something you can do in blogger very easily selecting the size of the fonts in the body of your post.
    I’m not suggesting WordPress to adapt to my needs for crying out loud!

    I know exactly how to use CTRL +/- to increase the size. Do you think I am worried about that? I am not, I know how to do it. I am concerned about the people who read my blogs!!! you’d be surprised of how few people know about the CTRL +/- command of browsers.

    panaghiotisadam, your comments are unjustified. It is senseless no to be able to change the size of the fonts of the posts. You can invent all sorts of ways around it, I know them all but nothing is easier than having the font size box like Blogger does!
    (and trust me, i sooo want to leave blogger!)


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    When I’m having a rant, even the most kind and helpful advice is useless.

    Everyone here has expressed opinions and offered possible solutions with the best of intentions. But it is no concern of ours whether you go to Blogger or stay with WordPress.

    This thread is not useless; other people reading it can learn a few things: the shared platform, div vs span code, where to find Support articles, using live writer, and even “… about the CTRL +/- command of browsers”.

    And everyone reading this thread will also learn that the volunteers are friendly, knowledgeable, and skilled at keeping a discussion civil.



    Maybe WordPress isn’t for you?



    ни чего ни понял



    Really the browser zooming is the only solution. Even if you change the font size for a blog it will be too big or too small for some screen/browser combination.



    There are plenty of blog platforms in addition to Blogger and WordPress.com. You can search for another.
    I agree with 1tess, I’m learning from friendly commenters.



    Rants are rants, but if I might propose that you post a polite suggestion in the IDEAS forum asking to have something similar available on WordPress.com.

    Font size is an accessibility issue and not everyone visiting here knows about being able to change their browser settings or being able to zoom in with a mouse scroll button (if they even have one).

    Just sayin’…



    Tess, I wasn’t being impolite, I’m sorry if you took it that way, but it tends to really annoy me when people reply to messages they haven’t fully read, which by the way isn’t your case so I wasn’t replying to you. Don’t take it personal.

    When I make a full statement of how I feel about the situation, where I show that I have done my homework and I’m fully aware of what the font situation is and people don’t bother to read it fully and reply with judgmental msgs that respond to things I haven’t even put into question it does bother me.

    My point was plain and simple, how is it possible that such a professional blogging platform like wordpress has everything but the most basic and simple-to-include function. It doesn’t cause issues to other blog platforms.

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