“no-font-changes” RANT! grrrrr

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    Good idea.


    @nico4d: As both chrisqq and I pointed out, screen resolution varies. If you enlarge font size globally, so that it won’t seem “ridiculously small” to people with high-resolution screens who don’t know how to use their browsers, it will seem ridiculously large to people with low-resolution screens who don’t know how to use their browsers. When you realize that, and when you realize that Arial 11px (that’s what ChaoticSoul uses for the posts) can’t be called ridiculously small, then you will have done your homework. You want buttons instead of html for ease? Fine (although in my opinion WP does very well not to encourage font changes). But you’re wrong in thinking you need that in order to help some of those who don’t know they can zoom: you can let them know with a note in your sidebar instead.



    I love the template I chose, ChaoticSoul. It’s beautifully designed, but none of my family above 45 will ever be able to read that ridiculously small font. And what? I cannot make it bigger?

    Font size is only part of the issue if readability is really of concern to you. As tt already pointed out, white text on a dark background is one of the worst choices.for readability. Again, just sayin’…

    (Beautiful photos on your blog. Zooming in on the text also zooms the images, utterly pixelating them.)


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    Not impolite so much as confrontational and passionate, but toward people who have no power. We fellow passengers can’t drive this bus!

    It is annoying when people don’t pay attention to what you are saying. We are all guilty of that sometimes, both online and in real life. In this case people took your comment as a question so they offered solutions. Logical?

    “…how is it possible that such a professional blogging platform like wordpress has everything but the most basic and simple-to-include function. It doesn’t cause issues to other blog platforms.”

    Speaking for myself, I too was surprised when I first started blogging that WordPress did not have a such a basic feature. Even the dopey system I use to maintain our site at work has it!!! Not for the reason you state, but for me, I’d like it in order to differentiate parts of a post (hmm. just as Panos pointed out): titles, quotes, for graphic reasons. A giant drop-cap, or tiny italics too small to read but making a visual effect more important (to me) than the actual text content. For me, though, learning a little html has been fun. I understand that is not everyone’s source of pleasure…

    As others have said, the most constructive place to put this question would be in the Ideas forum—assuming staff reads that thread occasionally (??).

    Best regards whether at Blogger or wp!


    @:Jennifer: “Zooming in on the text also zooms the images”. Not necessarily: depends on browser and browser version.



    This thread is now part of the Ideas forum.


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    Your welcome Tess, = )



    well, it’s pretty nice that it’s been moved to IDEAS section. Thanks t3ck


    ” you can let them know with a note in your sidebar instead.” Come on mate are you kidding? In blogger you have 4 options for sizes small medium large and extra large if I recall well. It’s completely automated. That is the solution, it’s basic, it doesn’t affect anything. All of your speech about screen sizes and resolutions is useless. You can try to justify it as much as you want, nothing should be better than having the option. If my blog looks like crap because I go for a large font and some people reading it in a 800×600 vga screen have an out of proportion text, it’s ultimately my decision. This way I can’t even choose without reworking manually the HTML( remember, i’m not looking for modifying the template’s structure just the post)
    Arial 11px is fine for you an me but not for many aged people who read my blog.

    you are absolutely right about the readability issue of white text on dark background but at the same time it is better to appreciate photographs so for me it’ a trade-off. I was hoping to make up for it making the fonts bigger…. and there’s the origin of this thread.
    Thanks for the compliments, my good pictures are on flickr though ;) http://www.flickr.com/photos/nicolasmarino/collections/

    passionate for sure :)



    @panos- currently FF 3.5.7, which is updated whenever the notice shows up from Mozilla.

    But is it likely that the OP’s grandmother is using FF or Chrome or Opera or Seamonkey, for that matter? http://www.w3schools.com/browsers/browsers_stats.asp



    I’m kind of new to this stuff.

    I’ve made 3 posts the past years, and they were all the same font.

    When I made a new post, the fonts was different.

    I didn’t make any changes in my profile, so what caused the font to change?

    How can I change it back? What code is needed?

    Any help is appreciated!



    @tr0pius – If you have a new topic, it’s best to start a new thread rather than hijacking an existing one.

    Having said that, we can’t do a thing to help without a link to your WordPress.com blog, starting with http://



    1. I agree with nico4d.

    2. That said, is there a theme with BIG fonts?



    We require the complete URL for the blog to which you refer when posting to this forum. You can either post it every time you post to this forum or you can link it to your username. Here’s how to link your username to your blog in your blog Dashboard –> Users –> Your Profile. Then scroll down to where it says ‘Website‘ and fill in the address of your blog and then click ‘Update Profile‘.



    timethief said <i>We require the complete URL for the blog to which you refer</i>

    I fail to see where exactly I was referring to a particular blog. In any case I added a link to MY blog.



    It is absolutely essential that we have a link to the blog, because fully a third of our questions are from people who don’t have WordPress.com blogs, and to whom our answers will not apply.

    The theme with the largest font I’ve found is Vigilance, but there are more extensive theme analyses at http://csswiz.wordpress.com



    Oops, meant to add http://wpbtips.wordpress.com as well.

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