No funciona el editor de imágenes con Internet Explorer?

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    Desde el pasado día 16 no puedo insertar imágenes en los post.

    Al pinchar, no me sale el editor y al volver a intentar, sale, subo la imágen pero al publicar el post, la imágen desaparece.

    Si funciona normalmente sin embargo la inserció de videos, parece que el problema es solo con las imágenes.

    Esto además me está ocurriendo solo con el Internet Explorer, usando el navegador Google Chrome el problema no existe.

    He pasado por mi PC el limpiador CCleaner y también he escaneado varias veces con el anti virus y no me encuentran nada.
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    Make sure you are running the latest version of Internet Explorer.

    Can you please try clearing out your cache and cookies?



    Me it is very difficult to explain in English, we cannot understand in Spanish?.

    Of all forms, as I have answered also in the e-mail, have happened the cleaner CCleaner and have executed a complete cleanliness with the ” Norton 360 ” for what it is evident that all the coockies and temporary files have had to be cleaned and the problem continues, I puncture to insert imágen and only I notice a pop, return to puncture and then already the publisher goes out for me, at the time I raise the imágen but, when the post publishes, the imágen disappears, only it stays the text that he has written if it is that I have written someone, otherwise, the post stays totally in white.

    This does not happen nevertheless with the mariner Google Chrome, but this one has the problem of being mas slowly that the Explorer.

    The problem began last Sunday and already I made a cleanliness at the time. In this moment, my version was INTERNET EXPLORER 8, then I updated and installed to myself the INTERNET EXPLORER 9 but everything is still exactly equal, has not changed anything.

    Please, there is no way of doing this in Spanish?, in English I meet obliged to use a translator online and it me is mas difficultly to explain, though I believe that the problem remains clear enough.

    At the moment the problem diminishes in addition to ” to insert imágen “, nevertheless the tool to insert videoes continues working correctly not having being affected ever.



    I have returned to try everything, have gone to “Tools” and ” Internet option ” to erase again temporary files and coockies but it continues without working.

    Please, are not they going to answer me?, to my previous comment it has not been answered and I believe that, as user, I deserve an attention, it is not true?


    Hola @ramrock,
    Por favor contacte con el soporte (en privado), directamente en español, para que se pueda investigar el problema con más detalle. Gracias y perdone las molestias.



    But if it is what I did first, to contact and writing in Spanish and nevertheless they sent me here.

    Apart from the fact that I spend the page to Spanish language but, in all that I give to “Support”, he sends me again to the publication in English.

    I write in Spanish and it is answered me in English.

    And I repeat, the first time I wrote to the support, in Spanish and he sent me here.



    If you were sent back here, I do apologize.

    Please contact us again via and file a private request (if the option presents itself), and we’ll make sure you’re sent to the right people.



    Ok, thank’s you.



    You’re welcome!

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