No “Go To Next Page” with Andreas04

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    Andreas04 is great but found a little bug I think
    With all the other themes u see a “go to previous/next page” at the bottom of ur page. With andreas04 that link is covered with My blog Title & the Theme Name, hope u can fix that or tell me how to fix that, thanx



    The author and porter of this theme are active in this forum. You may want to post your comment in this thread.



    I am here (the designer), but the theme coder is not the same as for WP-Andreas09 so I think it could be a good idea to have a separate thread for this theme. Unfortunally I can’t answer the question since I haven’t tried this theme out by myself, but I’ll grab the theme from the authors site to see how it is built as soon as possible!


    thank u for the reply
    thanx for checking the code, hope u find a solution
    this is such a great theme, hope to hear from u



    I see its fixed
    thank u so much for doing this so quickly



    No problem.

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