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    There is no header tab on my appearence page. So what is up with this now??? When is WP going to fix all of this stuff? I am getting so tired of it!! I wanted to change my theme but cannot due to I have no header tab!

    The blog I need help with is


    Log out, clear your browser cache and cookies, restart your browser and then try again.

    If that does not work, try a different browser to see if it is related to a specific browser.

    Also, if you are using the adblock plus add-on, try temporarily disabling it, restart your browser and then try again. adblock has been doing all sorts of mischief lately here at

    Also, not all themes have custom header options. What theme were you trying to switch to?

    You can go to and then use the filter to show only the themes that have custom headers.



    I cleared cache and cookies, restarted and nothing. I downloaded Chrome some time back as this is what WP told me to use on another forum. I do not have adblock on. My them is Chateu and it has a custom header as my header is custom. I decided to try and fix the header instead of changing themes, but the Custom header tab is not there. Thank you.


    I just set chateau on my test site, and I have a header tab and can change headers in both Safari and in Firefox.

    1. Go to users > all users and see what role is shows for your username. Only administrators can access and change themes/header/backgrounds and such.

    2. Go to appearance > themes and click the “customize” button where it shows the theme you are using.

    3. Temporarily switch to a different theme. Then switch back to Chateau and see if the header tab comes back under “appearance.”

    4. Try a different theme. Chrome has been a serious pain the last 6 months and I’ve actually made all my clients switch away from it as I got tired of the emails and phone calls telling me they couldn’t do this or that after a Chrome update. Humor me and try a different browser. If it works, we know it is a Chrome issue and if it does not, then it is something else and staff will have to look into it.



    I got it working. The tab is still not up there but I found it in another place. What browser do you suggest using. Thanks for help.

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