No 'Home' Page – How do I create one?

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    I am starting a new blog – – but it doesn’t have a ‘Home’ Page link. (Currently, it only has ‘About’)

    I’m not talking about a static front page, but a link back to blog posts if the user is on a different page.

    How do I go about adding this in the Dashboard (and external links if possible?)


    The blog I need help with is


    Readers only need to click the header image to return to the front page.



    This is true so it’s not a site-breaker. I just notice a lot of sites have a ‘Home’ button and I’d quite like one as by itself the ‘About’ page is quite lacking. I’d also like to be able to but direct, external links in the pages bar if that’s even possible?


    Try using a custom menu.



    You can create a custom menu and include a custom Home link in it. Type in the URL, the label name, and then Add to Menu.



    It’s important to know that search spiders cannot read text in images like your header image. If you choose this setting on the Header page:
    Display Text
    __ No then that means you must include the blog title and optional tagline on this page > Settings > General


    For a home tab you don’t need to create a custom link: clicking Select All in the Pages module will reveal a ready-to-use “Home” item.

    See here for more on custom menus:

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