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No Homework During Weekends For Students

  1. Should there be no homework for students during weekends? This issue has been raised to eliminate assignments given by teachers to students. Thus, to enable students to spend more time with their families on weekends and to do the things that they cannot do on weekdays.

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  3. Funny, I got great grades in school, turned all my homework in, and still had plenty of time for friends and family. Homework goes by much faster if you just turn the TV off and focus for half an hour.

  4. @rain. Ha ha. Love that site.

    Just get your homework done and stop moaning. It'll be worth it in the end.

  5. I never did any homework and I got A's and B's in school. I think it's pointless on the whole.

    But still, I'm a badass and you're not so get it done.

  6. I do my homework...and I have A LOT of time with my family already and even MORE time to do stuff I want. I think you're only using that as an excuse to sit on your butt and do nothing for a whole day instead of doing homework.

  7. Perhaps I came from a school where you'd get more homework than others, but I recall having at least a couple of hours of work once I got home.

    I believe that school (starting around 6th grade) should go all day (8 to 5) but give no homework.

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