No image appearing on Topic Reader from my posts

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    Hello! I am posting quite regularly, and just have not been able to make an image from my post appear in the topic reader (for example, under “art” or “photography”). This is something that I notice a majority of posts have, while mine and a few others do not. Because the subjects i post about are quite visual, this would be very helpful, as i, like many bloggers, would love to make a presence known. I found a forum with much back and forth about this, but i did not find an answer. I understand that staff have “no control over” what shows up in the feed, but does the individual user have any control??

    Is there something that other bloggers are doing, that i too should be doing, in order to humbly add an image to my post as it appears in the topic/tag reader?

    Thank you kindly!!

    The blog I need help with is

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