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    When I post a link to a blog, it say’s the name of my blog but doesn’t include a picture. The image box is blank. How can I fix this so it includes a photo each time I post a link.

    The blog I need help with is



    Are you referring to Images in Publicize?

    That’s normal behaviour when we create a link to another person’s content we create a link to the post title and we don’t expect to see any image.

    If we link to images that we don’t own we require permission to do so or we are infringing on copyright.

    More to the point, is that if an image link is created for all post titles we link to in our own posts then our free media storage space allocation would be used up very quickly.

    re: creating links in posts and pages

    Using click here is the worst possible choice of anchor text. Use either the title or the most relevant keyword or keyword phrase as anchor text when creating links in posts and pages.

    First make sure you are running one of the browser versions found here > or upgrade to one of them.

    Then see the guide for creating links in posts and pages:

    This is the general link model:
    <a href="URL HERE">Highlighted anchor text here</a>

    This is the visual result – it’s not actually linked here in the forum.
    Highlighted anchor text here

    1. Enter the relevant descriptive anchor text you want to link to first. Note that “here” is not a good choice. Use relevant anchor text to link to.
    2. Then use your mouse to highlight that anchor text. (If you don’t highlight the anchor text the chain icon will remain grayed out and not be useable.)
    3. Next click the chain icon in the editor and proceed to create the link.



    I want you to read some copyright entries because I don’t think you are clear on Copyright and Fair Use

    Copyright and the DMCA

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