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    I noticed that I could not add indentation or spaces (i.e.   )
    in my posts. I also could not draw table
    with invisible border. I am not sure if the problems were caused
    by being hosted by WordPress or not. I looked around and
    found upgrade “Custom Design”.
    Can you tell me what does it include? According to the description,
    it allows me to change CSS. I have not used CSS. Can you tell
    me if it would allow me to resolve the two problems that I mentioned above.

    Many thanks,

    The blog I need help with is



    The upgrade allows you to change practically any aspect of the appearance of any element on your blog (colors, fonts and font sizes, dimensions, margins, borders – you name it). Most of this is done by inspecting your page and adding code in the CSS editor.

    You don’t need the upgrade to add indentation or change the look of a table. See these posts of mine:

    The difference is that if you don’t have the upgrade you need to add a lot of coding in the Text editor to modify the default look of a table – for each and every table. With the upgrade you can change the default look once for all.



    Thank you for the reply. I tried the invisible border. It worked.
    However, it did not work on the indentation. I am going to look
    around in the wordpress tips for other solution.


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