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No Insert Gallery Button?!

  1. Could this be because of my Norton security software or something? I know I've used this function in the past, but it's not working now - when I follow the instructions provided under the Support tutorials - there just ain't an option to do that!

    I'd really like to try the slideshow function - but if I can't insert a gallery, not likely, huh?!

    Help? Please?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'm sorry but we do require the URL for the blog in question to be able to provide accurate answers. Will you post it now please starting with http://

  3. What OS and browser are you using? Have you installed the latest version of flash?

  4. I'm in Windows 7 and yes, have the latest version of flash.

  5. OK then, after the upload, did you click on the "Save all changes" button that appears at the bottom of the upload window?

  6. And I see you've posted this question elsewhere, Best to keep to one thread rather than starting multiple ones.

    Two good points raised in that other post was,
    A. if you saved your draft post before trying to upload the images
    B. if you uploaded the photos to the post itself and not via the media library

  7. Yep - did save all changes.

    Yes, saved draft post before trying to upload images.

    Yes, uploaded the photos to the post itself, and not the media library.

    Still no Insert Gallery button anywhere to be found!

  8. As a last resort you can go into HTML mode in the editor and then insert the code for the gallery or slide show - i.e. [gallery] or [slideshow]

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