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no install themes button

  1. I have just downloaded "storefront elegance" theme, went to appearance/themes to install theme, but there is no install themes button. They show clicking on appearance theme, and there are two buttons at the top, manage themes, and beside it, install themes. I have only the manage themes button, and cannot figure out how to import, or install, the new theme. Thank you, George

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You are posting to thw rong support forum for your software. We cannot help you here at You must post to for help
    For clarity read >

  3. Thank you, sorry for my confusion. I had read the difference, but thought this outside theme could be brought into .com, didn't realize I should be using .org.
    Thanks again, George

  4. What is the URL of the blog you want to install the theme in? As @TT noted above you are probably in the wrong forum.

  5. I am just in the process of signing up to .org.
    On looking at the themes and custom themes while on, I assumed I could bring an outside source theme in, not realizing that must be done on That must be why I am missing the "install themes" button. Makes sense. George
    p.s. Although I joined word press 4 years ago with the intent of using it, I never did, and am just now starting, a brand new user. I tried to familiarize myself as best as possible, but am just learning. Thanks again

  6. There is no FTP access to free hosted WordPress.COM blogs like the one linked to your username and we cannot install individual plugins or third party themes into them. Those found on the internet are for WordPress.ORG installs which run on different software.

    For clarity please read >

  7. Many things work the same between .ORG and .COM - the install themes is not one of them.

    Save your theme files - when you get your .ORG install running you will have an Install Themes button.

    Good luck

  8. May I ask, once I sign in to, and try to develop from there, will this site I have interfere? I would like to use, will having watsonstudio on the site prevent that, and should I try and delete from .com, and how much should I delete, everything? (I guess I'm asking will the .org site somehow override the .com site>

  9. Don't delete anything!!

    WordPress.ORG are the keepers of the WordPress software, they are not a host. You will need to find a host that can run the WordPress.ORG software. WordPress.ORG does have a list of approved hosts, but there are many hosts that will run the WordPress.ORG software.

    your is not hurting anything as there is no real content on it - you can set it to "Private" if you want.

    the is registered with a web site - is that your site?

    Are you just trying to add a blog section to your existing site? If so you can map your blog here to your existing site using subdomain mapping.

  10. Don't delete anything!

  11. Thanks, won't delete. I think it's time for me to take a step back, take a breather and gain a little more knowledge, and come back at this with the .org as the starting point. My current website is with lunarpages. I have not updated my site for some time, wanted to add blog, video, possibly facebook, etc.. Rather than updating and uploading to what I have, I thought i would move to wordpress with a nice storefront type theme. Having the more simple template and theme type site seemed like a much easier process to intergrate everything and have a really nice looking site. I got caught up in looking at themes, then the better themes that there is a charge for, then, when I looked at third part themes (storefront), they seemed better suited to what I wanted, with better product display, shopping cart, etc., not realizing I ventured out of the .com realm. I had been somewhat aware of the .org, but thought that was for complete self-writing of code, not realizing that is what I would be importing with the 3rd party software.
    Mapping the blog to my existing site was a consideration at first, but then came the decision to move to wordpress. I do want to leave lunar, and my webeasy program to what I feel will be an easier (and more apt to update and keep current, and easier to have look really nice) at wordpress. I have signed into .org, and realize I need to sign up with a server to progress with download of theme and moving forward with the site. I will take some time to see how best to move from lunar to one of the servers listed on .org wordpress (perhaps dreamhost?) without messing up my address (and whether to move registration of name from namesecure to new host as well). so that my address will move smoothly when I make the switch. I'll take a breather, learn what I need to know to proceed, and continue when I'm not in "confusion" mode.
    I would like to thank you both very much (auxclass and timethief) for helping me. I apologize for taking up your time, and appreciate that you put me on the right track so quickly. George Watson

  12. Hi George,
    I think taking some time to carefully consider what to do and which order to do it in to achieve your goals is a good idea. Best wishes to you no matter what you decide to do.

  13. You be welcome & good luck

    Nice art!!

    If you do move hosts, your new host should be able to set you up with access to the site without a domain name while you work on your site - then when your site is ready to go the name servers can be pointed to your new host and your visitors only see a ready to go site.

    If you want to get used to the WordPress software try things out on your site here to get used to the software - many things work the same.

    You should set the privacy settings to not allow search engines in - Dashboard >> Settings >> Privacy >> Ask search engines not to index this site. or set to Private.

  14. Building the site without a domain name would work perfectly, and hopefully I can do that to start the site, and figure the rest out in the meantime. My Lunar hosting contract ends the beggining of May. I thought that having it expire, then putting my into my new host would be the easiest with less chance of overlap or problem. ( I haven't checked yet to see if Lunar would be a good host for my wordpress site, but thought that even if they are, I would switch for a number of reasons). Having my site down for a short time while making the switch is not a huge issue.
    Will set to Private this evening as well.
    Thank you, George

  15. p.s. My name ( is registered with Namesecure and is good far beyond may (another year at least).

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