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No "Instant Findability" on

  1. The seems to be broken. The search results are absolutely not up to date. For example, if I search for "bitcoin" (or any other word), the most recent results are older than one month! Here is an example (please check the date of the results):

    WordPress announced instant findability in 2009:

    But since one month, this doesn't seem to work anymore. Also, the RSS feed is outdated:

    I'm using this RSS feed. It would be very disappointing, if it wouldn't be supported anymore. I think it's also very important for the bloggers (to get awareness and traffic).

  2. The brand new "improved" post editor does not appear to send out posts on the RSS feed. It was introduced around that time.

  3. That would explain it. However, I'm not sure if the WordPress search engine is depending on the RSS feeds. It seems that the indexing isn't working anymore.

    I don't know how WordPress has solved the "instant findability" - I think only the wordpress guys can actually help us out on that - but I'm wondering if the global search is still working on other multisite setups, for example with this plugin:

    Does anyone know more about that?

  4. Hi there,

    The index at is still working, but due to some recent changes it's a bit behind — our team is working on improvements to that search index to get it updated faster.

    I'll check with the team and let you know if they have any additional information about those improvements. (The changes affecting that search page are unrelated to the new post editor that was launched recently.)

  5. Thank you very much. Happy to hear that the wp team is working on it.

  6. @rachelmcr: Hi, do you have any news? The index at is now almost two month behind:

  7. Have you tried using Google search in the interim?

  8. Hi thimethief,

    I'm using the RSS feed of the global search ( which is broken/empty at the moment. As far as I know there is no RSS feed for that's why I cannot replace it with this.

    I think I'll have to wait until the search index is fixed...

  9. Hi there,

    Our team is still working on this search index, but I don't have any new updates about it. I'll let you know as soon as hear more about it.

    In the meantime, you might want to try using this RSS feed for the bitcoin tag:

  10. Hi there,

    The search index seems to work again:

    But the RSS feed is still broken:

  11. Thanks for noting the issue with the RSS feed. I got word that the search index is caught up and working again, but I'm still waiting to hear about the RSS feed. I'll let you know as soon as I have more details about that.

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