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    Hi there

    Having same issue as OP
    Had about 8/9 emails telling me about likes from different bloggers
    but ziddlyzilch appearing on the post or in stats.

    Sorry to be a bore with another burden



    Howdy folks,

    Can you do a couple things for me? First off, the next time you see the problem, can you follow the instructions here to generate a javascript error report:

    Also, can you let me know what operating system and browser type/version you are using?




    Hey Josh, I did as you requested, so am I supposed to put the screen shot in the text box of this forum?


    Hi again,
    Happily for me my likes just appeared a few hours later like it looks like for other peeps.

    Happy to do as instructed if it happens again though.

    Thanks for the advice



    Well, I tried putting the screen shot in this box, but it wouldn’t work. Today I posted and have received eleven ‘like’ notifications in my email, but not a one has showed up.
    Here is the link to the post.



    So, I’ve been trying to figure out how to do as you asked to help fix the ‘like’ problem. I’m not so computer savvy. I put a screen shot in my media file of (what I think is) the java script error, but it’s way too small to see. Maybe you’ll be able to figure out a way to see it. If it doesn’t work and you could explain further on how to do this, I will try my best to help.



    Oh, sorry, the name of the screen shot file in my media library is “scsh for no likes.”



    When the likes do appear, they show up after a slight delay and the screen says they’re loading. After a refresh and the usual delay, they didn’t appear the latest time, which is captured in the screenshots I took.

    I couldn’t figure out how to include the screenshots here, so they’re on my blog for the whole world to see. However, there is no Error tab at the bottom of the JavaScriptConsole window (as described in WordPress’s Advanced Browser Troublshooting for Chrome).

    I’m using Windows 7 Home Premium 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1 Build 7601 and Google Chrome Version 32.0.1700.72 m.

    The screenshots are here:

    The 3 Likes failed to appear on the previous post called “Housekeeping”.



    I’ve updated the post above (“please ignore this post”) with screenshots showing 3 likes for the earlier “Housekeeping” post at around 5 pm and no likes for the same post at around 8 pm.



    I am using Windows 7 ultimate with browser Chrome and a few days disappear and reappear many ,, like,, and eventually find a strong lowering of the views … more than 50% … anomaly from the wordpress server?
    what should I do?
    thank you with my heart and I wish you good things
    my blog is



    Hi! I’m having the same issue with likes being pushed through on my phone and in notifications on my computer, but then not showing on the actual post. Screenshot is here:
    I’m on a MacBook Pro using OS X 10.8.5, Safari 6.1
    Thanks in advance for your help!



    The likes seem to be working for the time being. Thank you for all your continued support.



    Thank you!



    Thank you all for the continued reports.



    Hi Josh – I ran the Javascript error report in Safari, but no errors were generated. I’m using a MacOS 10.9.1/Safari 7.0.1
    Thanks a lot for continuing to look into this!!



    I am having the same problem – I get e-mails about likes and follows but they either don`t show on the blog or show and disappear repeatedly.
    I am using Chrome and clearing the cache does not help.



    Just to keep you updated, the ‘likes’ are still not showing up on new posts. So far, they end up showing up about 24 hours later (approx).


    I’ve just noticed a discrepancy between likes received and those appearing on the post:

    I’ll keep a beady eye on it.



    it’s been a while since we have this trouble with the ,,Like,,
    how we can help solve it?
    not is the fault of our browser, I have the same browser, the server of worpress has problems, and ye, all the staff are silent, why?
    And it would be great to know that we can do
    if you will bring us to the attention that has trouble it would be honest
    thanks so much

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