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No Likes appearing

  1. If it helps with trouble shooting, I've noticed that liking (or unliking and then liking) your own post forces the invisible ones to refresh and appear. For those who are frustrated, this seems to be a useful short term fix. It might also be a clue as to the errors--it may be the calculation of the post's owners own likes on their own posts are causing the issue.

    Clicking like on your own blog, and then clicking like on the reader will cause a -1 to appear. Just feedback to help you debug.

  2. thistimethisspace

    Helpful feedback!
    Thanks for posting this.

  3. Sorry for starting a new thread about this. I'm also having the same problem. Clearing cache fixes it, then the Likes disappear again after about an hour. The problem occurs to multiple posts on my blog (

  4. oh, finally, you talk, thank you ... I can tell
    I emptied everything, I cleaned everything, worpress rebooted and everything it works for a while
    Then, go back the same problem
    it remains only to pray that a specialist will find that bug
    patience, I am rejoicing because the news, I thought that the staff you have forgotten us
    a great greeting and good luck

  5. Hi again

    Happy weekend. :-)

    Just wanted to remind you that the bug persists. Just published a new post and getting notifications via e-mail but no likes appear in the blog or dashboard.

  6. I have similar issues as the ones discribed above, but nearly all posts are for their own blog. I also have the issue on other people's blogs...

    Across multiple blogs, I don't see their likes but I also get no 'like' button or me to press. Only via the WordPress Reader i can like it. I noticed it first on other people's blogs, but now i've seen that on mine as well, there is no like button, nor any likes.

  7. margaretrosestringer

    How long, O Lord? - as Michelangelo is supposed to have cried? Or was it Leonardo ...? One of them, anyway.
    How long is this issue going to remain unsolved, do we think, brainiacs? What is it about it that's had it dragging on for months?
    I'm so far from being a lone voice crying in the wilderness that it causes me to liken this situation to the Google Chrome one wherein users keep getting told they didn't shut down the last session properly: that's been unsolved for a very long time, too ...
    Unlike you guys at Automattic to be unable to fix something in a jiffy. You must be very frustrated. Like we are.

  8. samanthamariejose

    There are four likes that are not showing on this post:

    The blog I need help with is

  9. The likes have disappeared from one of my blogs i.e. the blog where I'm using the theme "pilcrow" and also happens with some others I follow.
    It's getting distressing because other readers do need to see the "likes" on particular posts. It's been happening for only the last 3-4 days. I've cleared the cache etc... and nothing has changed :-(

    Can someone please, please help fix this? The blog with the prob is:

  10. @johncaelen
    Thanks for the tip of liking your own post etc... however the problem is that not only will the *likes* not show but neither will the *like* button... it just says "loading" so sadly this is no help to me.
    Something which may help the techies is that when previewing a new theme the *like* button was showing and so were the *likes*. However, when I activated the theme the old problem was back i.e. where the likes and like button should be was the message "loading".
    Hope this helps. Good luck!!!

  11. being a problem that has persisted for so long , it makes us think that will be some interest it by wordpress for not solve this problem...

    is difficult to believe that you are not getting a specialist capable

    In this case, the staff or is lying to us , or even they not know that the founders follow any interest

    to me is bad think and talk so in unbeknownst

    I was going to buy the domain here on worpress , but seeing the bad in attitudes for not solve the trouble, I'm still thinking...

    however, it is useless to write here, we just let off steam by frustration...

    but, I can not take away from the head the idea that can not fix the bug in 6 months?
    I think it's too strange

    the wrong world from outside, it follow us also here in the virtual
    the owners are enriched, not give a shit for small mortals , they follow only the PROFIT , the percentages, not the issues ... until it will go DOWN strong becoming again poor, or ...becoming murderers economic...

    maybe we need to go back into the caves
    yuck world

  12. fictionfanakaff

    I'm having the same problem - I get e-mails telling me someone has 'liked' my post but it doesn't show on the post. This has been happening for a few days now. Sometimes the likes appear later on, but some of my readers have also been saying they're not seeing a 'like' button at their end.

    Reassuring in a way to know I'm not alone with this problem...but it would be great if it could be resolved soon.

  13. theitalianbunnyreport

    'Evening everyone! I also am having trouble with the LIKE button. It seems to be continually loading, on every single post.
    Has anyone found a solution?

  14. I have the same problem. I get the emails and the star, but below it just says that likes are loading, but they do not load.

  15. margaretrosestringer

    If you would peruse this entire thread, you'd find why there's zero point in asking that question.
    However, to save you the effort (which you probably won't make anyway), this is a technical problem that only our Support people can fix. And that can happen only when it's been identified.
    This is going to be a long haul ... be patient. Unlike me.

  16. Same problem with me to-night, new post and emails said I had 4 or 5 likes but none on the blog

  17. Hi folks. Just a check in to let you know I haven't forgotten you.

    However, I have nothing new to report.

  18. margaretrosestringer

    Thanks for the headsup, albeit a disappointing one.

  19. I changed my computer, I changed the browser, I set the browser from scratch, I have a good antivirus that I bought, I repaired some damaged SEO, I've done everything I've learned here on the forums, but...

    since june of last year things are going wrong here on wordpress, is not the fault of the browser, neither of my way to use wordpress or computer

    the bug is on the server, and there who can come in for repair?
    Just the specialists wordpress ... Where are they? What do they do? ...

    perhaps Mr. Matt, the great Don, he has no money to pay for the best specialist?

    yes, he does not want, perhaps, that bug has been especially interfered.
    what else can you believe?

    We are not talking of a whatever (lousy) server, but, of the great server wordpress, the largest blogging platform in the world

    and if neither here you do not solve anything, it means only that you do not want

    useless to talk, I also think of consult a hacker maybe knows what happens here...

    I do not know that I have to think, do, talk, I am very very embittered

  20. Yep, same happening here. About 5 likes (email notifications) for my post at but nothing showing up on the blog. I can't believe that all of them unliked the post straightaway. What's going on WordPress? Is it a ploy to make us pay for premium services???

  21. margaretrosestringer

    @writelightuk, have you read the entire thread?
    Do, there's a dear.

  22. sometimesihatemycat

    No, don't pay for premium upgrade. I have a premium site and it has been happening to me for weeks now. I got no different information than what we have heard here so far. Same problem, same response, same questions, and still waiting.

  23. sathyasaimemories

    the likes come and go. It takes about 24 hours for them to finally come and stay. See what happens tomorrow...

  24. sometimesihatemycat

    Yes, I have noticed that too. The likes seems to stabalize after about 24-48 hours. But I can't tell if the instability is affecting who/how many have access to the post prior to that time. Does anyone know the answer to this?

  25. I have a good habit to go on those blogs that often leaves me a ,,like,, reading my blog, I believe it is a form of courtesy and friendship in time ...
    to some of these, the great wordpress do not allow for leave a ,,like,, you open a card that tells me only the other ... nothing!...
    here is the link that I open when I put the ,,like,, for the others:

    who can tell me what does this mean and why ...
    thank you so much

  26. Is it a ploy to make us pay for premium services???

    Premium services have nothing to do with this issue. Personally, I don't think having something broken would be a very good advertising method.

  27. I had the same problem with my blog but I followed @johncaelan advice and now they have appeared!
    I just liked my own post, refreshed, and disliked it, and magically the other likes (of which I had notification but were not appearing on the blog) appeared out of nothing!
    It would be good to have a definitive fix though. :)

  28. Just wanted to say most of mine are now working, a few are a bit slow to load but thanks for support everyone.

  29. If there is any news about the issue of no likes, please keep me informed.

  30. I apologize if I offended anyone, but I give up ... thanks so much

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