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    I am having the same issue. “Like” messages continue to send notification through my phone but only a few have shown up on my post. Any fixes yet?



    in my opinion, the staff of wordpress is in serious trouble, but has not courage to tell us, he may not have the ability to manage so many blogs, maybe will have to spend more to have a whole world in their hands … however, worpress is stronger platform for bloggers, and not cheap …
    we just waiting for more help from their and more understanding, is not it?



    I have the same problems than the previous blog, I keep getting e-mail notifications about likes on my blog, but they don’t seem to appear on my posts until a long time afterwards. Is there a way I can make the likes appear?

    The blog I need help with is



    Re: Disappearing/Out of Synch Likes Data

    Rootjosh (Staff, 1/4/14): “Well, there’s a reason for everything I guess!
    But there is no intentional reason for something like this. It’s a glitch/bug that we’re chasing. Its inconsistency makes it particularly hard to pin down.”

    So, ten days later after attempting the JavaScript trouble shooting routine with negative results, the ‘likes’ issue continues. Could be worse I suppose, but worrisome.

    Mac OS X, 10.7.5, Safari



    I am convinced that it is not something intentional on the part of the great wordpress
    but it would be honest to tell us that it is not capable of cope a situation that lasts for a long time and it causes damage
    my blog has lost much the views, oscillations, the ,,like,, appear-disappear
    I updated everything, I cleaned everything, I did everything that here has suggested… nothing, the same
    …maybe we should give up completely to the internet and to come back to write on the paper, or worse, on the walls of caves
    We are too dependent on the internet
    Well, patience



    Can I add my WordPress blog – to the list of blogs having problems with Likes disappearing? It’s been happening for about the last two weeks.

    Sometimes after I receive a notification, the likes show and then disappear, mostly they don’t come up at all. My poor ego is melting…

    I have saved some screen shots into my media library.

    Thank you for your help.



    Well, that shows my lack of technological knowhow… is the correct link. Thanks.



    Hi again

    The problem persists and it affects both of my blogs:

    I get the e-mail notifications but the likes on the lasts posts don`t show until the next day or so.


    Yes, the problem is huge. Every once in a while, when you think they have fixed it.. (their server end) – then the likes disappear again. They come and go. It is an on going problem. I first noticed the missing likes about two weeks ago.

    They take ages t load….

    Then you think of they are there.

    You look again. Likes missing again.

    Around 24 hours later, the likes are there again.

    One never knows..


    Here’s my new blog, with the same problem…


    I am having the same issues for the past few days…on multiple posts. Getting notifications, likes appear, and then disappear. Sometimes they appear on ether post page but not on the home page…but then it will switch back the next time I look. Soooooo frustrating! Any help for this yet?



    I have performed all the suggested clears and entries into Safari/Develop/Show Web Inspector/Show Error Console to generate error reports with nothing to show for it…no errors. This lack of likes all day (longer than usual) for the most recent post and the next most recent post is the worst it has been in two weeks.

    Could WP provide some response to this problem. I see a few efforts to point toward a thread and provide system info but that is it so far.

    Again: Safari 6.1.1, Mac OS X 10.7.1



    dear staff

    My blog is:
    I’m using Windows 7 Ultimate, with browser Chrome, I have everything updated, settled, I have good antivirus
    respectfully ask you to tell us what’s going on here on worpress
    more than two weeks there are some big trouble with the ,,Like,,
    my blog is losing too many views
    is a tremendous drop
    I have a number of ,,Like,, and less views, I have so many ,,Like,, which disappear
    I hope someone takes care to remedy the problem
    maybe you can tell us what happens or what shall we do?

    thank you very much


    I posted a longer comment yesterday…but this one is just to agree with what others are politely saying. The radio silence on this matter is disappointing. Some communication, any communication, would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.





    I would also like to remind WordPress that for lots of us, this is a service we are paying for. If I had this little response from any other service provider I would be livid, on the phone with a manager, and requesting either action or some compensation… or witching to another provider. It is not the glitch that is the problem, glitches happen, the world is imperfect, it is the non-response which ends up coming across as apathy that is the problem. I have to say that when I found this thread and realized it is a problem that has been going on for weeks…I became even more frustrated.


    ha…meant “switching” to another provider…but witching somehow fits.


    So…I just realized that the likes disappear if I update a post. I corrected a grammatical problem, did not change the category, but did add a tag. 9 likes before the update and back down to 2 after the update. My blog is I have a suspicion that when another person likes the post, the old likes become restored. But I am not sure yet. I will update when/if this occurs. Please help us fix this WordPress support team.

    “Tech suppooooooort?!”



    I understand any trouble
    I understand the fact that WordPress has become stronger from what can he hold
    I understand that the staff is very a little for so many number of blogs
    but, I also understand the fact that worpress sends us away with these attitudes
    they we want to leave us
    then, it would be great to become worpress so as it was in its early days
    so maybe he will learn that it means respect
    not me I was born on the Internet, the real world is waiting for me
    I arrived to hate worpress for his lack of understanding
    behaves as a giant corporation
    We must make them understand that without the stupid bloggers, they are not worth a shit
    but why should I ask them to repair their worpress when I may as well go away and
    incite everyone to do the same


    Ha! I was thinking the same thing. Mutiny. I may begin exploring other options for my body of work if this is not fixed, or at least addressed, soon.

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