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No Likes appearing

  1. Was there a fix to the appearing, disappearing, under reporting of the likes data on our blogs?

    "This is the Like button, and it’s a way for people to show their appreciation for posts they come across on It’s also a way for authors to show the world how popular their content has become."

    Recently I read there was a fix...simply empty the cache...well that doesn't work and hasn't. Would you mind an update on this problem. I cannot find the previous thread so perhaps fixed but not for me.

    Common scenario: reports 4 likes when there are actually say 20; or says "be the first to like" when there are quite a few already. I believe this goes toward the vibrancy of a blog and a barometer or measure of worth amongst peers. It is invaluable as a gage.

    The blog I need help with is

    The man above gives up? Unfortunate, but his frustration with not just a fix, more with the lack of basic courtesies? Hmmm?

  2. No, there's no fix yet. We must all go on with the status quo, which is driving us bonkers. However, we must all also note that the Automattic staff are being driven even MORE bonkers than we are by this problem. They do not enjoy being unable to fix techo failings. Still less do they like not being able to ascertain what the techo failings actually are.
    We're frustrated. They're frustrated. The bloke you mention, for whom English is not his mother-tongue, was additionally frustrated by that, I'd think.

  3. Tried johncaelan's Jan 18th post here re: temporary "fix": like, then unlike your own post, then refresh.

  4. fictionfanakaff

    Just to lighten the tone a bit, I did the 'like-your-own-post' fix and was hugely amused to get a WP e-mail telling me that 'I'm so vain'...

    Does anyone know, does this fix affect your 'like' stats? Or does 'unliking' it again remove the 'like' from the stats?

  5. Just click on it again to remove it. I doubt very much that it has any effect on anything, other than generating that message.

  6. sathyasaimemories

    new adventure.. we now have the likes but no icon to show who liked the post. just this.. "10 people like this" - so now we cannot go to new bloggers and see what they are posting.. I think this is worse.


  7. I've been having the same problems for some time now.
    Other times notifications are stuck, showing the same person liking my posts every time another presses the like button. Sometimes the counter is stuck, sometimes the counter shows different number than the actual gravatars. Now, the counter says 20 people like this, but there are no gravatars...

    my blog is:

  8. @eve
    Just wait. It'll change.

  9. Just as an update to the tech team, my issue seems to have gotten worse in the last 2 days.

    My initial issue was that I would receive notifications about likes without them showing on the post. Now I don't receive any 'likes' notifications other than by email (i.e.: the 'notifications' button at the top right of my blog is now no longer showing likes, although it shows all other notifications).

    I know that I'm getting likes because I receive the emails, but they do not come up at all on my blog and they do not come up at all in the notifications button.

    I'm not sure if you changed something that might have created this, but thought it may help to know.

    My blog is

  10. And for me, this-morning I've frequently found (nearly always) that blogs I'm following do not offer me "comment on this post?".

  11. theitalianbunnyreport

    I wrote some days ago with the same problem "No likes showing under my posts" but after a couple of hours, like nothing ever happened, hey presto.. the likes were back.
    NOW, the issue has appeared yet again. GRRRR...
    Hello? Computer geniuses and hackers and such.. PUH-LEASE help us sorry folk! :(

  12. Yes - even though I briefly looked like a narcissist - I attempted to 'like' my own post and miraculously all the missing likes from fellow bloggers appeared.

    (Thankfully, I have rapidly unliked my post).

    WordPress developers - do you need a hand hunting for this needle in a haystack 'likes issue'? Tell us what to look for and I am sure a good few of us will have a go at trying to find it .......

  13. sometimesihatemycat

    I too have found the like --> unlike --> refresh combination to work. I am also still a bit confused by the lack of progress and communication over what seems like a long amount of time. But, oh well...there seems to be nothing to do but wait and help each other out with these little tips at this point. Onward!

  14. sometimesihatemycat

    I do appreciate the community support (mostly) even if the tech support seems a bit thin at the moment.

  15. @sometimesihatemycat

    Yes - the community support is wonderful. I'm still amazed that doing that simple thing enabled the other likes to appear. I shall attempt to spread the word via my blog. One does wonder why it should take such a long time to solve such a conundrum.

    My offer still stands to the WP developers. Surely the problem could be solved with a little help from some friends ;-)

  16. The like unlike scenario is not lasting however. Noting seems to last for long...a few hours, overnight and it all reverts back to (for me): 'be the first to like this post' (quite a few already have but are invisible) or four likes are shown but (behind the scenes 27 have) or well it changes daily and has for the past month or so. Not sure why it bothers me....guess I became enamored with who was visiting amongst peers.

    Rare communication, of late, over this whether forum or support.


  17. Jan 28th 2013: So I guess I'm not the first to have this problem - but it just happened to me overnight - I got up this morning and half of my "like gravatars" are gone and there is a scrolling bar in their place...
    and same as a lot of people, I get notifications of new subscribers and likes in my email but they aren't showing up on my home page - am I losing readers?
    How do we fix this - or better yet, how does WordPress fix this?

  18. Hello all. Thank you for your patience.

    We believe that we've finally tracked down the problem and the amazing programmer elves have squashed the bug.

    Please let me know what you experience as far as the disappearing/reappearing likes over the next 24 hours.

  19. Good GRIEF! - wunderbar!!!
    I hope the bug was squashed into so many bits that there's no chance of their ever coming back together again. Like ... [thinks] ... naah, all I know is that it's a sea creature of some kind. No matter.
    Thank you, rootjosh - the best news for a loong time.
    I shall certainly let this thread know if the problem recurs.

  20. I'm encouraged by the lack of "this is broken" posts. But I would feel better if I saw some "everything is okay!" posts.

  21. fictionfanakaff

    So far, so good - thanks. Thought I'd give it a few more hours before reporting back... :)

  22. Hi Rootjosh:
    sorry to say my posts are back to broken - please let me know how to reboot them or fix them or what...

  23. It usually happens when a new post goes up, and I haven't posted a new one yet. Will let you know when I do. Thanks, Josh.

  24. I'm sorry to say that the problem is not fixed for me, either. I see the total number of likes, but the gravatars of all the people who like the post don't show up. Some do show up (one out of every 5 or 6 people), but others never do.

  25. sathyasaimemories

    on my blog, Sathyasaimemories, (as of today) I am not even receiving emails to say the post was liked. We thought the post might not be visible,but when my husband "liked" the post, then two more "Likes" showed up on the post, but then disappeared again.. So for me it is worse than before..

    thanks for trying..

  26. sathyasaimemories

    On my other blog, Camera Catches, the likes are appearing in emails and on the post.. So here are two different stories on the continuing journey of the word press Likes. A saga in the making, i guess.

  27. Just posted a new blog. So far, I have 4 email notifications on 'likes' and all 4 of them have shown up on the post. I'll keep an eye and let you know if it changes.

  28. Un;ess your design people have suddenly decided to change things, I've a new wrinkle for you:
    finding a new comment in my Inbox, I clicked on the email and was taken to a box looking EXACTLY like the boxes that tell me of a new follower! I clicked through that and wrote a response. Next thing, my own response turned up in my Inbox, once again in the form of a 'follow' message!

  29. theitalianbunnyreport

    I'll try and post something new and see if anything changes.. Up to now nothing has happened :(

  30. Well, I'm still getting all my likes to show up, but somehow now I'm receiving email notifications of my responses to comments. This wasn't happening before. Is this something new, and if so, is there a way to block notifications of my own comment responses?

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