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    So it seems this has been happening since at least June of last year, the threads have been closed after a message basically saying “we are looking into the matter.”

    And then a post saying “the developers have fixed the problem.”

    Hmmm….So is this the same problem as 6 months ago, or a new one.



    I’m already looking for another blog platform



    I’m having this problem on my blog too. Also, on my notifications, sometimes it will display the wrong person who liked the post. What’s stranger, though, is that other bloggers have reported that they see the likes on my page, even though I do not. It’s all very strange.



    I’m having the same issue on my most recent post. I can see the Likes in my notification archive, but not on the actual page.

    I’ve cleared my cache and cookies. I use Safari 10.9.1. They are also not visible using Firefox.

    Screenshots of the archive and post page are here:

    I’m not fretting about it, but it is weird since it only seems to be affecting the most recent post.



    I started to like it so much the silence of the magnificent staff
    or they think that we are too stupid mortals and their gods
    or just have the same problems and do not know to give us a reasonable answer
    however, it is shameful on their part to pretend that they are worried in silence
    from june and until now I lost too much, to blame the wordpress, and I send my best wishes (to undergo the same and even worse) thanks arrogant staff, thanks


    I have the same problem : “likes” appears then disappear during the day. And that since a few days !
    Cleaned PC and RAM cache, nothing can be done !
    Excuse my bad English…



    so here, a kind of very competent staff that does not answer to anyone, maybe you do not even them an answer, or consider that we are unworthy of a response
    in their place I would be ashamed
    how it costs us a word? …an explanation of what the hell is happening on this overly praised platform, but that does not work
    thank you at the big staff, too big, too arrogant, too silenced
    we live in a beautiful relationship of respect, I wish you of the see the straw in your eye


    I understood that premium blogs had better access to the staff and that questions were answered immediately. I guess this is not the case.. I think the problem is huge on their end. They probably do not know how to solve it quickly.. It is taking them time.. I have the same problem, likes come and go, then are re-posted again.. I guess their word press software is lagging behind for this to happen.



    thanks, I agree, but lasts from June, it does not seem a short time
    the great wordpress platform I do not think that it is ,,great,, with the blogs Premium, always these little are the numbers
    if it’s just of money, then Mr. Matt (the founder) is nothing more than a speculator, and not what he it presents to be: ,,one willing for democracy,,
    ok, I pay. But, if I pay, who guarantee to me that will not happen this trouble?



    I posted this elsewhere, then someone told me this was a threaded issue here:

    I wish I could post pics to show this…regardless of clearing my cache, the likes on my blog page, the reader, and notifications never match. In fact, I somehow had a -1 like on a post today. Sometimes, I don’t even know who is liking in order to reciprocate because they show as a number on the reader but no where else. If I unlike and like my own post, then the ones that are invisible show up sometimes. I am using Elegant Grunge theme. Anyone having similar issues? It’s kind of annoying.

    The blog I need help with is

    I hate to be paranoid, but considering the natural herd mentality of people in general, how they tend to follow the leads of others, suppressing likes, albeit accidentally, is really subversive. It would be curious to plot the statistical curve as to how many more people tend to look at a post or page relative to the likes that have accumulated. Do 50% more people feel compelled to look at a post with 20 likes versus one or two? That would appear to be the trend in social media overall. So, the real curious question is whether or not this is really systemic or only happening to some blogs. If so, what is the defining difference–the template? Whether it is pro or free? Or, heaven forbid, the content?

    It may be a useful survey for those with this problem to also look at the reader and see if your post are showing up as tagged when you do a tag search, or whether they are only showing up for one or two tags, or just for you. It’s useful to check these things from another computer.



    Howdy all.

    We are aware of the problem and are doing our best to track it down. Believe me, it is nothing that we wish to have happening. Stats and “likes” are very important to bloggers.

    However, it is proving to be a difficult bug to chase. I will provide updates or assistance requests (such as looking for error logs) when I have them. But at the moment, I must simply ask for your patience.



    Thank you. rootjosh…sorry to be alarmist, but these are odd times.



    No reason to be alarmed here. Annoyance I can understand. But it’s simply a frustrating bug that needs fixing. Nothing more nefarious than that.



    Aye, thank you.



    Thanks for the update @rootjosh. Not freaking out over here, just curious as to what was going on. Likes are fine, but it’s not why I do what I do.


    true it is a frustrating bug. Yes indeed. But the problem is a huge one, I bet. It must be growing daily as new likes compound the existing ‘like’ problem.. It is hard to see “likes” come and go then reappear again somewhere else.

    Why not provide more update to what is being done your end? It would be an assurance that the continuing frustrations are only an embarrassing interlude – your end..

    thanks for the brief message.


    Thank you rootjosh. I think that the communication is helpful. I think you will find that is what is frustrating people. Not so much the bug, but the lack of communication about it. Please do keep us updated, frequently. That would help a lot.



    I agree with @sometimesihatemycat, it’s the not knowing what’s being done that’s frustrating. Perhaps, a Sticky can be posted acknowledging the issue and that steps are being taken to address the bug. I’ve seen several threads regarding missing Likes, so it must also be hard for staff to keep up with all the reports.


    Can you imagine how much diligence time and energy are required to examine every character in the code close up and find the cause of this? I don’t envy Staff when it comes to determining the cause and creating a fix. I understand they won’t post here unless or until they have something newsworthy to share.



    Please do keep us updated, frequently. That would help a lot.

    Please don’t waste any Staff time on posting frequently to tell us what we already know, which is that Staff are looking for the cause of this. Doing that would help nothing.

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