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no link button

  1. Hello. how can i get the link button to work when i write a blog. I see it briefly but it goes away and an ABC button appears in it's place thank you

  2. You need to highlight the word/words you want to link, and then click the link button.

  3. You also need to give the URL to your wp.COM blog when you post a question, or link your nickname to your blog as explained in the Sticky "8 Things to Know".

  4. Hello, yes thank you very much for helping. The interface works a bit different than I thought. I see a chain that is the link button. i have seen a blue text button that said link in the beginning. Oh well it is working so thank you. I really don't have much of a blog, I'm on to chat with friends on their site. I will link my nickname, I don't have a nickname but I'll figure out how to get one.. thank you.

  5. The chain is the link button in the VISUAL editor, the blue text in the HTML editor. (And "unkulsal" is your nick.)

  6. thank you

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