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  1. The 'My Account'/'My Dashboard'/'New Post'/'Blog Info'/ bar at the top of my blog frequently disappears, and I do not get any 'log-in' prompt on my blog. I have to go to another blog that requires me to sign in, in order to post a comment, and thus call up subject 'bar' at the top of the blog page.

    Other than clearing my entire cache, is there anyway to fix this.

    I am running Firefox on WindowsVista.

    Many thanks,


  2. Clear your cookies also. It may be a cookie issue.

  3. Thanks - is there a way to identify the 'offending' WordPress cookies only? I hate to lose all my cookies - no pun indented.

  4. @chrislh
    Nope you'll need to clear all your cookies

  5. So be it- thanks!

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