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    I’ve checked my “options –> discussion” settings and they are correct. I’ve always chosen to be notified whenever anyone submits a comment on my blog. But in the last few days that function has not worked. Spam is being caught just fine but I log in to find that comments have appeared – mostly not spam – and I have *not* received email notification of any of them.

    Today I also checked the “moderate all comments” option, logged out and did a test comment. I did get an email notification of that one. But when I un-checked the option and left the option to be notified by email of all comments, and logged out and posted another trial comment, again I was *not* notified by email of the new comment.

    Thanks for looking into this. Not as annoying as the “vanishing images” were over the weekend but that’s because I don’t draw a lot of comments.



    Check your spam inbox/ folder. They may be in there.

    Also what are you using for a email service?



    I use yahoo email. Have used that email address the entire time I’ve blogged here at WP – no problems till now.

    There are no notifications from WP about comments going into the “bulk” (spam-catching) folder – I’ve checked.

    For now, I’ve set the blog options to require moderation of all comments, and I am getting email notice when a comment has been submitted and needs moderation.



    I have the same problem, if I get a new comment, I am not notified via email? but when i log on and see oh i have some comments, and authorize them.. then i get a notify email? hmmm.. help anyone?



    Already discussed today.

    Please follow the suggestions made in that thread.

    (You found this one but not the other one? That’s strange….)



    Same here, already have mentioned about this bug/problem on other forum post.



    Mentioning this on forum posts will not result in the bug/problem being repiared. Volunteers answering questions including our Moderators do not have beackend access to blogs, only staff do.
    Quoting drmike:

    Best bet would be to submit a feedback from your dashboard and make staff aware that you’re having an issue. You may want to include a link to those comments where you haven’t notices about.



    linux, if you don’t real the thread that you post in, it just makes you look foolish and folks laugh at you.

    oh and you owe the mods $10 of starbucks. :-)

    edit: and why are you crossposting? that just makes more work for the volunteers here.



    This problem just started for me this afternoon. I have two blogs and one person has commented on and three on, and no comments has landed in my mailbox.


    Submit a support ticket and make staff aware that you’re having an issue. You may want to include a link to those comments where you haven’t notices about. When support opens use this link to report


    dupe deleted



    I get so few comments I wouldn’t notice for a week :)



    Thanks thistimethisspace. I will, on Monday

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