How to paste Hebrew text into my blog text area?

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    I used to be able to type my Hebrew text outside WordPress, and then pate it into my blog text area with no problems or issues, all my current pages at were created this way. However, I recently came to this blog to add a new page and to my surprise this Hebrew text pasting no longer works. As soon as I do the pasting I am thrown into a different screen around my blog account, and I need to go and create this page again, but still I cannot paste any Hebrew text in the page text area.

    Please not, I can paste Hebrew text into the page title name just like before, but this no longer works in the text area below. I have never experienced this before.

    You are more then welcome to log into my blog in order to reproduce the problem, if need be.

    Please help.

    Thank you,
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    Do you directly paste your content in the editor, or do you use one of the paste buttons? (Paste from Word or Paste as Plain text)

    More information about this subject is available here:

    Also, do you paste your text in Visual or HTML mode?



    thank you for your speedy response and resolution paolal.
    Indeed doing this via the paste as text button resolved this issue, and I did not even know about that kitchen sink added buttons there.

    I am good, thanks.


    Wonderful, glad to hear that worked for you!

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