No longer have access to my IntenseDebate account

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    This is me

    but your system isn’t willing to accept this. When I try to log into my account at IntenseDebate, instead of being allowed to log in to IntenseDebate, I’m forced to log into WordPress. Having done so, I find that I’m still not logged into my IntenseDebate account. In fact, when I go to that page, I find that your system is asking me if I’d like to follow myself. Why? Because somebody at Automattic decided that the truly brilliant thing to do would be to merge the IntenseDebate and WordPress logins, creating new IntenseDebate profiles – oh, and here’s the new me

    where I get to set up everything, all over again. Which is wonderful because, by gosh, I just don’t have much of anything better to do with my time than do the same things over and over.

    Of course, things could be worse. You did lock me out of my Intensedebate account just as I was getting started. Just imagine how annoying it would be to have a large number of comments on one’s account, to have defined who one was online in significant part through that account, and find that one now was being forced to start, again, from scratch. Oh, and that if one had to move one’s blog, because an old provider was closing, that one would have no way of sending those reading any of those many comments to the new location for one’s journal. But then, maybe some of us won’t have to guess what that would be like?

    Having spoken with some other users of the IntenseDebate system, I find that this lockout problem has been inflicted on number of people, who’ve found that they’ve lost access to their profiles and control over their own data, to say nothing of part of their online identities. Worse still, when they’ve written to Support about this problem, all that they’ve gotten is the silent treatment, showing that instead of trying to fix the problem, Support hopes that the affected users will become resigned to it.

    This is completely unacceptable. One does not deprive users of access to their own space without just case, without losing a serious amount of credibility as a provider, and “gosh, we thought that having a single login for everything would be just ever so cute” is not just cause. When, specifically, do you plan to fix this, or will it be necessary to warn as many potential users as possible to avoid the IntenseDebate commenting system, because its new administration has shown that it is not to be trusted?


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    I wonder, are you talking about this blog linked to your name:

    Or are you asking about another blog? Perhaps one you host yourself, using WordPress.ORG software?



    Sigh. This game? Really, Tess? The one where, after I’ve explained everything in detail and spelled things out so clearly and simply that even a member of the little friends should be able to understand, you pretend not to get it, and try to get me to repeat myself over and over again, until either

    1. I give up out of sheer exasperation
    2. I run out of patience, make a comment about your intelligence, and you start complaining about how “abusive” I’m being


    3. We keep going around and around, until the sun goes down and comes up again, and everybody else leaves out of sheer exasperation?

    Nice try, but I’ve seen that game played before. I’m not falling for it, and I’m not going to have a test of wills with you on the subject. has been presented with a reasonable, clearly written question, and a reasonable concern. Now, we get to see if the company is willing to provide a reasonable response.



    @hardvacuum – being rude and abusive is a great way to win friends and get help from unpaid volunteers.

    Maybe you should check for help at the the Intense Debate help area: and not in a blog support Forum, or contact support directly.

    If I were Tess I would not try and help you again- I will save Tess (a great person by the way and very helpful) the typing by calling you rude and abusive.



    “@hardvacuum – being rude and abusive … blah, blah, blah”

    Uh, huh. Which is more or less the game I just predicted that somebody would try to play. Try to provoke a hostile response, and then play victim. Of course, Tess didn’t actually get a hostile response, she just got a weary “here we go again” response, but that’s not going to stop you from playing make believe, and hoping that those following up will be suggestible enough to see what they’re told to see instead of what’s actually there.

    At which point, a few of you little friends will show up, go along with the spin you’re trying to put on events, and then follow up on each other until the thread gets long enough that nobody joining it quite knows what it’s about, any more. The problem gets buried, having never been addressed, and you and yours relax, content.

    The story follows the same plotline, every time. Amazing how many people don’t notice.



    BTW, one might notice that Tess’ icon shows up on my new, post-login merger IntenseDebate profile

    not to be confused with the one I find myself locked out of – notice the difference in format

    showing that Tess was there. So, if somebody was reading this and thinking, “OK, maybe she was a little bit clueless, but she was trying to help, so did you have to be so cynical” – she was there. So she knew that this was about comment hosting profiles, not blogs, because she had just looked at the item in question. Not to mention that IntenseDebate is mentioned in the very title of the thread she was posting in.

    So, there was no possibility of an honest misunderstanding on the point.



    “Maybe you should check for help at the the Intense Debate help area:

    One might notice that there is no forum at that location, and no way of publicly posting about this or any other issue on that page. Which is to say, no way of bringing the matter to anybody else’s attention when Support has been altogether unresponsive, which in this case, it has been. As I’ve already pointed out.

    There is nothing more there than a series of documents, almost all of which deal with the installation of IntenseDebate as a comment hosting system for one’s blog, and not one of which deals with this issue. So, this was a rather manipulative sort of suggestion, but I guess that’s to be expected at this point.


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    I’m sorry that you have not appreciated the advice we have given you. We volunteers try our best to provide a friendly atmosphere and accurate information.

    I merely suggested that you might be confusing .COM and .ORG—the link to your name is for a .com blog—of course i checked the links in your question. There have been many who try (unsuccessfully) to use plug-ins here.
    auxclass advised you to look at the support documentation for intensedebate.

    Because that was not satisfactory, then perhaps WordPress.Org support has information—apparently it is a plug-in connected with Automatic, therefore this link might be where you’ll find answers:



    <i>”I’m sorry that you have not appreciated the advice we have given you.”</i>

    Tess, neither you nor your friends had given me any advice prior to that last post, or anything that could be mistaken for advice. By this, I don’t mean good advice. I mean any advice. One need only look at the posts prior to this last one to see that this is absolutely true. We have you asking which blog I’m talking about, when I’m clearly not talking about a blog, and your friend getting preachy about my predictions about what would follow. Predictions that, so far, are being borne out.

    Does the truth count for anything on this board? Yes or no? If you can lie, in print, about comments that are up for all to see, just a few lines up, and the community is not only willing to accept that, but unwilling to accept somebody else’s right to call you on what you’re doing, what does that say about the community?

    <i>”I merely suggested that you might be confusing .COM and .ORG—the link to your name is for a .com blog—of course i checked the links in your question.”</i>

    Actually, you didn’t. You didn’t suggest anything. But let’s pretend that you did, just for a moment.

    Then … you managed to not notice that you were on the website at the time, which would have rendered any use on my part of shareware on my own site irrelevant, because you’re not on my site, meaning that any software I have there won’t affect the system with which one would be interacting, were one to try to login? Making what you just wrote a non sequitir?

    <i>”therefore this link might be where you’ll find answers:“</i>

    And as I’ve already said, they have been written to, and they’ve refused to respond. This is now … what … the third time I’ve said as much? Am I expected to believe that you don’t know how to read?

    You’re not trying to help. You’re trying to help cover Automattic’s a**, by diverting attention away from an epic fail, on their part. You can call that “help” if you wish, but it simply isn’t.



    Oh, my bad – there was one small piece of “advice”. Auxclass suggested that I take my complaint to Where there is no forum, and no place to post anything.

    I guess one could call that “advice” in much the same sense that pointing to a vacant lot, and telling somebody to go shopping at the imaginary grocery store located there could be thought of as being “advice”. Usually, though, I tend to think of advice as being something a little more reality based than that.


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    I will make this as plain as can be: you won’t find your solution in this forum.

    This is a peer to peer support forum for, and while staff does look in, for the most part, we are volunteers. No one is covering up for anyone.

    Your question is not about a WordPress.COM blog. We can not help you. We don’t have answers for your plight.

    Because further conversation is useless, I am obliged to close this thread.

    Go with our best wishes.

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