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No longer have control of my blog

  1. I revieve admin alerts for this blog at the email address associated with my user name. However, when I login, the systems claims I have not setup a blog yet. Please advice.

  2. What is the URL starting with http:// for the blog in question please?

  3. I'm a new wordpress video documentarian/historian/unemployed accountant and auditor, and i'm trying to post a video that i produced on my investigation of the jesse ventura death ray, and according to wordpress, i'm suppose to have an administrator. would you be that for me? that's all......this is the most confusing website on earth.

  4. jeezydj2masses, as your request is not related to tallraz's inability to log in to his blog, please start your own thread:

  5. tallraz has never been a user on

    Judging by the full name on your tallraz account, it looks like you have a second account which is a user on

  6. Is it possible I have two accounts with the same email address? I used to have my login info cached in by browser. tallraz was what popped up when I tried to reset my password using the email address I get the HVAC4U updates on.

  7. Is it possible I have two accounts with the same email address?

    No it isn't. Each username account must have a different email address.

  8. What do I need to do to figure out what's going on then or how I can get back into my blog? All I have to go on at the moment are the email messages in my mail box and that myself and one other person are the only ones who have ever posted on this blog.

    Ideally, if a system admin could pull up the account that created HVAC4U and message the email address the account name, I could probably figure out what happened from there. (and I'm pretty sure I still remember the password too)

    If it's impossible for the email address associated with tallraz to get be associated with another wordpress account, and I get all my account alerts at this email, but tallraz is not associated with HVAC4U, I don't know what to say as I have email notifications going back to 7/18/2010 from the blog and an email from Technorati from 5/3/2010 when I first set an account there to help promote the site.

    Here are some of the date stamps from email alerts I have received. I censored the names of followers as it seemed wrong to post their names here.

    7/29/2012, [HVAC 4 u] ***** is now following your blog‏
    7/23/2012, [HVAC 4 u] ***** is now following your blog‏
    6/17/2012, [HVAC 4 u] ***** is now following your blog‏
    1/24/2012, [HVAC 4 u] ***** is now following your blog‏
    9/23/2011, [HVAC 4 u] Please moderate: "What You May Not Know About Ceiling Fans During Winter"‏
    9/22/2011, [HVAC 4 u] Please moderate: "Another Reason to Clean Your HVAC System"‏
    9/13/2011, [HVAC 4 u] Please moderate: "Hissing Noises and Your Air Conditioner"‏
    9/8/2011, [HVAC 4 u] Please moderate: "An Energy Saving Wake Up Call!"‏
    5/15/2011, [HVAC 4 u] Please moderate: "Hissing Noises and Your Air Conditioner"‏

  9. It's not possible for an account email to be shared, but the blog's email address can be set as anything.

    To restore access to the other account, please visit and click "Need More Help?" if necessary.

  10. Thanks for the help, and you were correct macmanx. Marking the issue resolved.

    Thank you!

  11. You're welcome!

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