No matter what I try, the "connect to facebook" goes to facebook – no work

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    I’ve went through your forums

    No matter what I try ( using mozilla firefox latest edition) when I click “publicize” and click facebook. Then I click “connect to facebook” and my facebook login and PW pops up.

    I enter it. Then it goes back to my blog and says at top “you are connected to facebook” but the little box is unchecked in the publicize area. Also, on my facebook ((email redacted)) there is NO blog link.

    This seems like a HUGE problem considering how huge facebook is. No answers on your forum except “disconnect on facebook with your settings on facebook and try again.” Thanks. That doesn’t work.

    (email redacted)
    Blog url:



    It sounds like there may be an issue with your login either to or to Facebook. Could you please try the following steps?

    1. Go to Settings > Sharing in your blog’s Dashboard and click on Disconnect from Facebook.

    2. Reload the page and confirm that the Facebook is “Disconnected”.

    3. Log out of by going to My Account > Log Out (on the top left of every page on

    4. Go to Facebook and log in. Inside Facebook, click on Account > Application Settings (on the top right). Find “” and remove it by clicking the “X” next to it. If you can’t find, just skip this step.

    5. Log out of Facebook by going to Account > Logout (in the top right).

    6. Clear your browser’s cache and cookies. Note that this means that you’ll be logged out of any site you’re logged in to. That’s an annoying side effect, but it’s an important part of the debugging process. If you prefer, you can just clear any cookies with “wordpress” or “facebook” in them. See here for more information about clearing cache and cookies:

    7. Log back into

    8. Go to your Settings > Sharing and click on Connect to Facebook to restart the connection with Facebook. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the connection.

    This should be it – you can now try publishing a new post to see if Publicize works. Before publishing, make sure the Facebook checkbox is checked

    Sorry for the long list of steps. Please let us know how it goes.

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