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    I uploaded imbalance 2 but i have no menu or widget in my header !!! Is the file broken? In the demo i can clearly see a menu in the header with catagories ecc. :( What to do?



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    I am looking at the blog linked to your username and it has the Twenty Ten theme. Please post an active link starting with http:// to the blog in question if it’s not the one linked to your username.

    Imbalance 2
    Column one is the blog title and tagline; you edit them in Settings > General.
    Columns two and three are for two menus; you create and load them in Appearance > Menus – instructions here:
    Column four is for widgets; you add them in Appearance > Widgets.

    Featured Posts
    The theme optionally allows you to promote sticky posts as featured posts and display them below a post in single view.

    With custom header images, you can display your own photo on your blog’s page headers. Featured images allow for even greater customization, giving you the option to display unique custom header images for specific posts and pages.

    See also:
    Imbalance 2 displays the beginning of each post on the main page. As in all themes that display post beginnings, all HTML tags are stripped out; so no links, no formatted text, and no regularly inserted images. To display images on the front page, you need to set a featured image to each post, or copypaste content (including image code) from the HTML editor to the Excerpt module.



    I also have a question.

    I’d like to make my header a picture, maybe similiar to one example that’s given,

    Can you let me know how that might be possible? Thanks.



    I apologize, I had another question. I would also like to add pictures to the top of each post. Some of the entries I have that I brought over from my former theme has pictures at the beginning of the entry although I haven’t been able to figure out how to do it.


    @ohgetthis, you have to create a header the correct size for the theme you are using (listed at appearance > header) then you have to upload it there at appearance > header.

    It has to be either JPG, GIF or PNG.



    Thank you @thesacredpath.

    I liked the idea of the previous mentioned blog where the image uses up the whole space of the header. When I’ve added my picture, it only allows a smaller image, say a fourth of that. Just wondered what they may have done to make that happen. thanks


    The menu system, the search box, and one widget area are at the top in the header area. That is why there is less space for a header image. You could delete all that stuff via CSS with the Custom Design Upgrade and then put a full-width header, but then your “menu” would have to be in the bottom widget area (custom menu widget) where few will probably notice it. The bottom of a site is a bad place to have the only menu.

    The top menu could probably be reworked to go horizontal under or above the header, but there are some unique things about that top menu that makes that a difficult project.



    I understand, thank you. I noticed that I can add a image or gravater in the header using a wiget. It asks for the URL but it’s just a saved picture I have so how would I do that?

    Really appreciate your help and time.



    I figured this out…thank you again for your time…


    You are welcome.

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