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  1. rnobilitynotraein

    I have had much trouble with SEO servers/services and I firmly feel "Dishonest blog services." Search results are obviously not being rendered, meaning what I've paid for, even here I feel? If a service is paid, isn't it ethical for one to deliver? any help would be appreciated, as thus far, I've not had much success, and have even paid for my domain (not free) and for other expensive services I can't afford really? 26,000 hits is not realistic nor fair, as without your bloggers you would not be a domain yourself... I would just like help, all I'm trying to do as so many is donate my time; yet like so many I am working and making nothing, with lack of hits or listing through your service... I've emailed and even called and have received zero response... I had to call information which isn't free, a paid service yet again, to find your support number which wasn't even taking calls. Their are many things which are not fair about blogs and services which are not rendered... I'd love help, hits, listings, as many, many, many would! I know I'm not alone in this query! I again make nothing, no money, and have been very ill as of late; just trying to donate some work to put a few smiles on one's face, hopefully more??? Is there a USA support number, also can you help us all learn how to utilize your site, and perhaps make money "AS SOME DO?" Afraid to post best here, if it's going to be monetized by other entities, or quoted unfairly by others whom profit off not only my work, but many, many, many whom work hard for no reward which is not right...

    The blog I need help with is

  2. rnobilitynotraein

    Don't claim to be the best blogger nor author, but I feel their is a firm difference between the two... I've been previously published long past, never an easy task! I feel everyone has something to contribute in many ways, and all possess many facets in talents! I honestly haven't utilized all of your services, yet none have been offered or recommended? I enjoy and try to support many on the site, and their are many great bloggers/authors on your site and I'd love to be listed amongst??? I do need to edit, check and remove some content, perhaps use a different layout or service(s)? Any help from any informed person(s) will be vastly appreciated?!?! Rec's on how to network, get your site and name out best, having to not pay dishonest services (SEO's) and URL, Host Sites whom don't Deliver... One has been robbing me of 9.95 dollars a month and not delivering crap! Would anyone like the name, I feel it is a dishonest company and should be investigated as many of them and I won't even start with this???

  3. What, exactly, is the issue here? does not offer SEO services.

  4. You also realize, don't you, that you can't monetize a blog hosted here at all.

    If you want help with your website, you can read free advice, particularly on or in this very forum. If that's not enough for you, you can hire someone (but you surely can't hire a competent SEO consultant for $9.95 a month).

  5. @rnobilitynotraein
    I'm visually challenged and cannot read that big block of unbroken text above with ease. I struggled through reading both blocks of text you posted above and still cannot isolate what your issue is.

    It's up to each blogger to either learn basic SEO or to hire an expert. It's not up to staff or staff on any blogging platform to provide free SEO services and I cannot fathom why you would expect that.
    Learn SEO >

    Your blog is indexed by Google (51 results).
    Your blog is indexed by Bing (58 results).

    Please read this to discover reasons for your posts not appearing on the global tagging pages.

    In a nutshell free blogs from and being free hosted by wordpress.COM cannot be used to drive traffic to third-party sites by means of advertising and/or affiliate programs (see next section for more clarity). E-commerce transactions via shopping carts and the like cannot be conducted on wordpress.COM blogs. No retailing or reselling the work created or services provided by anyone other than yourself is allowed.

    Affiliate marketing blogs
    The only exceptions with regard to affiliate links are found here:

    Affiliate marketing blogs: Blogs with the primary purpose of driving traffic to affiliate programs and get-rich-quick schemes (“Make six figures from home!!”, “20 easy steps to top profits!!”, etc). This includes multi-level marketing (MLM) blogs and pyramid schemes. To be clear, people writing their own original book, movie or game reviews and linking them to Amazon, or people linking to their own products on Etsy do NOT fall into this category.

    I am sorry, but advertising is not allowed on free hosted blogs. The only exceptions are for high traffic blogs that qualify for and are accepted into the Ad Control program, and very high traffic blogs that qualify and are accepted into the paid VIP hosting program.

    If you require an ecommerce site, advertising and/or affiliate links on your blog, you can hire a web host and get a free software install from In that case, please see the information at the link below to learn about the differences between free hosted blogs and software installs for self hosting.

  6. @rnobilitynotraein, wordpress.COM is about blogging, and here they have made it as simply as they can, and offered a great set of features that they continually expand. This is the perfect place for people who just want to blog. One of the reason this site is virtually splog (spam blog) free is that they do not allow advertising. On other services that do, they estimate that 50 to 70% of the posts on those services are spam post.

    If you feel the need to advertise there are alternatives to wordpress.COM out there that will allow you to advertise.

  7. rnobilitynotraein

    I suppose what I am getting at, is to basically mention my site wasn't free! It was invested into as a paid domain, and paid services from Apologies if I was not clear?

    I have felt that more than help? I've received negative feedback unfortunately, which I in large part attracted... I'd love to just hear, what is it I can do to expand my site; perhaps network? As I mentioned I paid, for my domain name. Also, I don't collect monetary gains here! Also, it doesn't help to attack one in need of help, as it only leaves one stuck! When asking for assistance, I would love to hear kind words... Support, will serve me well and won’t distract me to a place of wondering further? I support all whom blog... I enjoy all who contribute here as I've read and enjoyed many of your sites... Just looking for support, never intending to claim perfection?

    Apologies for not having edited my post here, I don't think any of us are perfect; to try is all you can do? I surely wasn't at my best! Apologies for confusion any confusion, and if I confused anyone, as I know I did? I wasn't at my best! I've got a life threatening/fatal auto immune disease as I am aware many have the like? I am aware we all live life and it's not easy! I try to be at my best self, of which I do attempt with ardor sincerely... I hope that some can understand I wasn't at my best, as I was dealing with a hard auto immune condition at the time!

    Have had great experiences with blogging and writing; especially in light I've just been trying to donate my time "not making money?" I've paid for services, which have not been cheap! Aside from of which hasn't been free! I have paid for SEO services; have paid for URL listings, and other sites... Even attempted to network and link to external sites? I've felt firmly that some of the paid services have not been rendered, while some have been good services? This would make anyone feel taken to the cleaners likely?

    I'd just love any nice upbeat advice, of which may help one out? Vast apologies for the broken text and lack of editing on my part! Like I mentioned I don't claim nor should any claim perfection; I suppose to try is best? I suppose judging one, two or three books based on initial glance may be unwise? Know well, your advice, will kindly be noted and appreciated very much...Hopeful some may wish to help kindly offering support? I appreciate those who treated me with respect and continue to! Haughtiness is of no value! I apologize if I was misaligned or if I was rude in my approach again?

    It hasn't been easy. I am only trying to give some positive posts, with true sincerity... My discrepancies, and not thinking it through, was a bad choice as I was severely ill, and tired! Thanks for your time and positive support, of which I will vastly appreciate and am grateful for! I'm far from perfect, when at my worst!

    I've not edited all of my posts and this is my problem! I can write and do write well enough in areas of which suit me, as we all endorse our strengths... It's just difficult! As I don't have all of the knowledge or know how when it comes to tools, of which are best to utilize??? Also, as far as knowing how to use all of wordpress, it's not easy for all? Some are not forthcoming as, they don't share knowledge which may have helped them and others? I would love a truly kind, altruistic natured soul! This would be sincerely appreciated (help/support). I thank you for your time and all whom posted replies...

    Trying to blog and post optimism on my site, yet I've not been successful in reaching outlets? Help in finding a good voice, any facet(s) or voice, of constructive minds is noted, and appreciated more than you know friends... Just trying to better my quill! Appreciate all of your support and attention in my, long complex matter...------ ;-) I support all here and wish all of you the very best, with whatever you are attempting...

    ~Much Blessings and Peace Sincerely (please note again I posted poorly, with ignorance)

  8. Specifically, what help are you looking for?

  9. *** head desk ***

  10. The domain name is yours and you can use it anywhere. You just point the nameservers at wherever you decide you want to blog and that allows you to do the things that you want to do.

    The upgrades other than the domain registration itself, and I'm not sure which ones you have, have a 30 day refund policy so if it is less than 30 days, you can get refunds including on the domain mapping.

    As far as blog readership and getting people to come to your blog, there are some good tips in at these links.

    It takes time to build up a readership and you just have to keep blogging regularly and getting the word spread by commenting on other sites and the other things suggested in the above links.

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