No more dashboard?

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    So, I take it the whole Dashboard thing is now kaput?

    Months ago I was having trouble logging in to see my site stats and a WP employee said the Dashboard was being phased out. Today, when I try to log in with the old “wp-admin” thing, it doesn’t work at all. Can anyone confirm that the Dashboard is now a thing of the past, or do I have some other problem? Thanks.


    My wp-admin dashboard still works fine. What exactly do you see when you click on (if that is the site you’re talking about…) ??


    I see the log in screen, but when I try to log in (like I’ve always done) the log in screen just pops back up again instead of going to the Dashboard.

    I can click on the “My Site” button in the upper left and get to my site stats etc., but the actual Dashboard seems to be gone. I guess it’s not the end of the world, I was just wondering if the Dashboard was gone for everyone and why there was no announcement.


    I know what you’re talking about . I realize the dash board is not on the wordpress web but when I download the app, it there at the side.

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